Sudden Death Baseball for Frontier League, Evansville’s Bosse Field

EVANSVILLE — Behold, another gimmick to spice up America’s pastime: sudden death baseball.

It will soon be coming to Bosse Field and throughout the Frontier League, which announced Monday that it will make another rule change to determine the winner of extra-inning games for the 2022 season.

Any tie after nine innings (or seven in a doubleheader) will play one extra inning with the international tiebreak rule, which calls for a runner on second base. MLB has been using this rule since 2020 and the Frontier League first installed it in 2015, although it started in the 11th inning.

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Then there will be sudden death in a half inning if the game remains tied, and the home manager decides whether his team will play on the offense or on the defense. The attack begins with a runner in first place.

If the batting team scores, it wins.

If the pitching team gets three outs, it wins.

“Rather than playing traditional extra innings, the sudden death tiebreak is the best option to determine the outcome of a game,” said Evansville’s Andy McCauley, the Frontier League’s most winning active manager and reigning Manager of the Year. . “With regard to game time, injury prevention and a strategic baseball result, I think the new sudden death rule could be an innovative solution.”

Evansville Otters Manager Andy McCauley talks to seven-year-old Jackson Rumple of Linton after the Otters' game against the Joliet Slammers at Bosse Field in Evansville, Ind., Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

The rule guarantees that no game lasts longer than 10.5 innings, which is an advantage for pitchers who are often stretched. Last season, a tie after 10 innings was decided by a homerun derby.

The Otters came 5-1 in derby deciders, but managers were unanimous against that format. In the derby, each team selected three players to bat. Each saw eight pitches and the team with the most home runs won.

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