Welsh Rugby Stars want to invest £300,000 to expand fitness app

Wales and Ospreys players Gareth Anscombe and Alex Cuthbert along with business partner Dean Jones are looking to invest a total of £300,000 to expand the features of their existing popular app ‘Fitap’, build a sales force and marketing to increase.

The Welsh rugby stars behind an app that aims to give people of all ages and abilities easy access to training, fitness activities and exclusive offers are seeking funding of £300,000 as part of ambitious plans to ensure their market-distorting platform is downloaded and used across the world. whole world. all over Wales before turning their attention to the rest of the UK.

Launched in the midst of lockdown in 2020, Fitap brings the world of fitness and wellness into one easily accessible app to create and reward a community of people who enjoy staying physically and mentally active.

The team behind the already popular app, including Welsh rugby stars Alex Cuthbert and Gareth Anscombe, now hope to expand its features, build a sales force and increase marketing through crowdfunding.

Alex Cuthbert, Wales rugby international said:

“Our goal is to use technology to make staying fit easier, cheaper and more fun. Sometimes people are intimidated to physically go to a gym or explore activities to improve their mental health and well-being, but this makes access easier.”

Alex Cuthbert

In a survey of current users, 71% said Fitap helped them find facilities or online sessions, and 92% said they would recommend it.

Alex adds:,

“I’ve played rugby for most of my life and it really makes you feel part of a family. We want to help clients find their passion and in the process help them meet new people with similar interests. What could be better than becoming physically and mentally healthier, while also feeling part of a community?”

For business partner and fellow team-mate of Wales and Ospreys, Gareth Anscombe, Fitap is the passion project that kept him busy as he struggled psychologically after being banned from the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan with knee ligament damage.

Gareth says it can be a minefield for people starting their fitness journey;

“The gym isn’t for everyone and when it comes to wellness it’s important to support those who have had a few setbacks in life.

“For me there have been great times in rugby, but it’s not always smooth sailing. I think it’s important to provide support and make talking about fitness and mental health more accessible.”

Gareth Anscombe

The app, which is free to users, charges companies a fee to be listed in exchange for promotion for members of the public who want to find new ways to get active.

“Because advertising costs are often high and therefore too risky for individual fitness providers to attempt, no one currently has the consumer’s mind in this space. We strive!” says business partner Dean Jones, who has a background in marketing and advertising.

Those with questions can find more information on the Fitap website and invest through the Crowdcube platform.

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