10 Disney Characters That Are Actually Villains

Disney villains have always been popular characters for their comedy, fashionable flair, and sometimes a catchy song. Whilst it isn’t so much the case in more recent movies, Disney villains were always identifiable at some point in the movie, revealing their desires and evil intentions to the characters and the audience.

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However, there are some Disney characters that are villains in their own right, even if other characters don’t seem to think so. With selfish intentions and sometimes sporting personalities as evil as the most popular of villains, these Disney characters should be reconsidered as villains of their movies, regardless of their fate.


The Walrus (Alice In Wonderland)

The Walrus glares at the Carpenter in Disney Alice in Wonderland

Although they are minor characters in Alice in Wonderland, fans will remember “The Walrus and the Carpenter” as sung by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Whilst these characters do not impact Alice directly, there is no question that the Walrus is as sinister as any Disney villain.

Motivated by gluttonous greed, the Walrus single-handedly enticed and lured the oysters away from safety, only to eat them all alive (off-screen, thankfully). The Carpenter is merely a lackey in this situation yet his ire at not getting a single oyster is understandable. So it can be assumed like most Disney villains, the Walrus got some form of comeuppance at the hands of his sidekick.

The Elephants (Dumbo)

The elephants coo about Dumbo

The live-action version may have been more human-focused but the original animated movie dumbo took place amongst the animals. When Dumbo is first brought into the world, the circus elephants all coo over him in delight. That is until he sneezes and reveals his abnormally large ears.

From then on, the elephants are needlessly cruel to Dumbo. Led by the Matriarch, a supposedly good Disney character fans hate, the elephants openly mock Dumbo and callously shun him when his mother is unjustly locked up. It’s honestly a surprise that they are not classified as Disney villains.

Georgette (Oliver & Company)

A grinning Georgette at Disney Oliver and Company

A lesser-known Disney gem is Oliver & Company, loosely based on the Charles Dickens story. When stray kitten Oliver is taken in by kindly Jenny, not everyone is happy about it. One such example is the pampered poodle Georgette.

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Georgette may be a fabulous character but then again, so is Cruella de Vil. Georgette does not hesitate to let Dodger and the others take away Oliver. In fact, she throws the sleeping kitten directly at them. She doesn’t show a hint of regret when Jenny is distraught by this, and she does very little to help to rescue Oliver afterward. Georgette’s motivations are nasty and purely selfish, and this is what makes her a Disney villain.

Katrina Van Tassel (The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad)

Katrina Van Tassel in Disney Sleepy Hollow

Disney adapted Washington Irving’s dark tale, Sleepy Hollow, for the second half of an animated double featurette The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. toad. Disney got some aspects of Sleepy Hollow correct, and one thing was the personality of the main female character, Katrina Van Tassel.

Unlike most Disney animated female leads at the time, Katrina isn’t a good person at heart. She has no interest in Ichabod other than to pit him against Brom Bones for her own amusement. Even her song “Katrina” describes how she likes to string men along before leaving them high and dry “once she’s had her fun.” Katrina may look like a Disney princess but she is a Disney villain at heart.

Kuzco (The Emperor’s New Groove)

The Emperor’s New Groove has a classic Disney villain in the form of the “scary beyond all reason” Yzma. But while Yzma’s murderous scheme is certainly dastardly, it is easy to see why she decided to try and get rid of the emperor Kuzco in the first place.

For the majority of the movie, Kuzco is a selfish and tyrannical Emperor who only cares about what he wants. His desire to build his summer home upon an entire village was evil enough but his most awful act was leaving Pacha perilously trapped on a broken rope bridge and gloating about it. This may be one of the cruelest acts of any Disney character, villain or not.

The Cheshire Cat (Alice In Wonderland)

The Cheshire Cat is perhaps one of Disney’s most popular characters when it comes to merchandise due to his cute and brightly colored appearance. He might be considered neutral-good by Dungeons and Dragons moral alignments but underneath the fluffy and chubby exterior lies something a bit more evil.

The Queen of Hearts may be the main villain of Alice in Wonderland but it is the Cheshire Cat that actively distresses Alice the most, as well as perhaps being the most sinister character she meets in Wonderland. He merely confuses Alice at first like the rest of the Wonderland residents but it is not until the croquet game that the Cat deliberately endangers Alice by aggravating the Queen just because “it’s loads of fun.”

Meg (Hercules)

Meg and a Hercules statue - Hercules

Meg is unquestionably one of the most popular characters in Hercules. But arguably, the fact that she was working for Hades for most of the movie could classify her as a Disney villain.

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Although she ultimately sacrifices herself to save Hercules, Meg’s actions are done because Hades told her to and to bargain for her freedom of him (at least at first). It’s only because she fell in love with Hercules that she decides to defy Hades and sacrifice her freedom. If she hadn’t, Meg might still have been working for the bad guys.

Joy (Inside Out)

Joy from Inside Out

Pixars Inside Out doesn’t have an obvious villain character. But considering that her actions are driven mainly by what she wants, it is possible to consider Joy as the movie’s villain.

Joy wants what’s best for Riley but in her eyes, the best for Riley is for her to be constantly happy. Because of this belief, Joy is controlling and believes she must be in charge in order for Riley to do well. As a result, she pushes aside Sadness constantly, even abandoning her when a chance to return to HQ arises, and most importantly prevents Riley from being able to get the help she needs from her family and friends.

Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Jack in red light making a scary face in The Nightmare Before Christmas

All fans know that Oogie Boogie is the villain of The Nightmare Before Christmas. But because of his self-serving actions and the destruction he causes, it’s possible to also consider Jack Skellington as a villain as well, especially as Oogie is absent from the original story.

Jack’s decision to hijack Christmas is purely out of selfishness and boredom, convincing himself and others that it’s partly to give Santa Claus a break. Even when Sally tries to warn him, Jack is too caught up in his desires to listen. As a result, he wrecks Christmas, leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, and nearly (albeit inadvertently) has Santa and Sally killed.

Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

Syfy Developing Peter Pan Prequel Show

Captain Hook is one of Disney’s most notorious villains but arguably, Peter Pan is not much better. Although the movie’s titular hero, Peter could be considered just as villainous as his pirate foe.

Peter takes Wendy and her brothers to Neverland but had no intention of bringing them back home. He doesn’t attempt to rescue Wendy from the mermaids attempting to drown her until Wendy herself threatens them physically. And Captain Hook’s hand? Peter sliced ​​it off and fed it to the crocodile for no reason other than for malicious fun. At least Once Upon A Time took on the idea of ​​making Peter a villain, and a sinister one at that.

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