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DULUTH — NASCAR Xfinity Series driver David Starr spoke at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia last October with his sponsor, Barry Sinex of Duluth, and Sinex’s close friend, Mark Androsky of Superior, about a rather far-fetched idea that she had suddenly discovered earlier in the summer. had become more serious.

“Usually when they say something, they support what they say,” Starr said.

The idea was to have NASCAR drivers come to Duluth-Superior to do some ice racing this winter, and Saturday, January 29, that idea will come to fruition with “NASCAR on Ice” at Allouez Bay in Superior.

Organized by the Lake Superior Ice Racing Association, the event features NASCAR drivers Starr, Stephen Leicht, Josh Reaume and Jonathan Cuevas joining regulars like Androsky for an afternoon of ice racing with large stock cars.

Why? For hardened racers like Starr, why not?

“My response to this was, ‘Absolutely. Let’s do it, let’s go for it,” said Starr. “What a cool idea. This is just brand new to me…how do you get traction? I’m guessing there are spikes or studs on the tires. Man, I can’t wait to see this I’ve never seen anything like it Just all of them It’s just very intriguing.

Dallas driver David Starr will compete in the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series in Charlotte, North Carolina. Starr is one of the NASCAR drivers expected to compete in “NASCAR on Ice,” a stock car ice racing event on Saturday, January 29, at Superior’s Allouez Bay.

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“It’s about the passion, that people love racing so much that they want to race on the icy ice. All forms of racing, not just stock cars or IndyCars or dirt cars, I’m a fan of it, and you have to really love it if you want to race on ice. I can not wait.”

The track, located off 44th Ave. East in Superior near the Tipsy Beaver Bar, opens Saturday at 10am, with the first race at 12pm, the second race at 1pm and the third race at 2pm

At 3 p.m. there will be a winners presentation, at 5 p.m. a sponsor dinner and an award ceremony at 7 p.m. Friday at 7.30 pm there will also be a meet & greet at Gronk’s Grill and Bar in Superior.

General admission is $5, children under 12 are admitted free. To meet the drivers and crews, pit passes cost $15 (for more information, visit

For about five years now, Starr has been sponsored by Sinex’s company, Sinex Transport, a Superior-based trucking company, and considers Sinex a good friend.

“So last summer in Michigan I spoke to David about ice racing here, and he got really excited about it,” said Barry Sinex. “He said, ‘I’d love to come over here and do ice racing.’ And then he says, “Can I bring some of my friends?”

They will use the same cars that the Lake Superior Ice Racing Association regulars race on winter weekends at Allouez Bay.

“They have schedules to deal with, and it’s two weeks away from Daytona, but these guys are really excited about coming,” Sinex said. “They all love the idea. These guys are from North Carolina, Texas and California; they are not cold weather. People here know about people who ride on ice, and it’s, ‘Okay, they ride on ice.’ If you go somewhere else, they’ll think you’re crazy. They just got such a kick out of it.”

Sinex said Jeffrey Earnhardt – grandson of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt – really wanted to come but is incredibly busy.

Sinex said he wanted to bring in some more, but laughed when he said, “I could only afford so many.” If more local sponsors come on board, more drivers can be on board for future events.

“I only started this about a month ago,” Sinex said. “Next year we will be in a much better place to get everyone sponsored well in advance and get it well organized. This year is more of a test year for it.”

Starr, 54, a Houston native, was reached by phone Monday evening at his home in Dallas. He said the high temperature in Dallas that day had reached about 64 degrees. It was 3 in Duluth but soon dropped to -3.

“I can’t believe that,” Starr said. “That’s crazy, man, unbelievable.”

The Zenith City forecast for Saturday calls for a maximum of 21, downright sultry for Northlanders in January.

Starr started racing on the local dirt track in Houston at the age of 13, saying that he had “raced something with a motor and wheels on it,” but he’s never done anything like it.

This coming season will be his 25th in NASCAR. He finished sixth in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in the 2015 season opener in Daytona. He is also a four-time winner in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and raced in the NASCAR Cup Series.

“Being from Texas, I’m used to 100 degrees, and then in Duluth, Minnesota, it’s minus 3 degrees,” Starr said. “I don’t believe I’ve ever been in negative weather, and then understand that they’re race cars on a frozen lake? That’s crazy (he laughed). It’s just so different from my upbringing. It’s just so ridiculous. It’s crazy. I just hope my fingers and hands will do well when I’m frozen like this.”

Starr is flying in on Friday. He will make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes and will include any tips he can get about racing on ice. He said the temperature in a NASCAR cockpit can reach 150 degrees.

But he’s used to it. He is from Texas. The heat doesn’t bother him and he said he doesn’t “function well” when his body is cold.

Despite what will surely be a chilly event, Starr was excited to try something different and meet new people, people who may look different at first glance, but certainly share a common bond with him no matter where they come from.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store,” Starr said. “I like people and I like racing, and you have to be pretty passionate to race cars on ice…I mean, how bad are you ‘it?’ That’s pretty bad there.

“Just stepping into that environment will be something completely new for me. I’m just looking forward to the trip, everything. Who knows how it will all end, but I do know, it will be fun.”


What: Stock car ice racing event featuring NASCAR drivers Starr, Stephen Leicht, Josh Reaume and Jonathan Cuevas

When: Saturday January 29

True: Superior’s Allouez Bay

Program Saturday: The track opens at 10am with races at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm Tickets: General admission is $5, with children under 12 free; pit passes $15

More information:

Saturday’s forecast: Cloudy with a maximum of 21 and 10 mph winds

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