Boxing and paying UFC fighters: Damned finances emerge over Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and UFC 270

The problem of UFC underpaid fighters have been a hot topic of discussion for years, with some roster members expressing frustration at the lack of pay.

The subject has now taken a new turn and it is even more devastating than you could have ever imagined.

Reports have shown that boxers Deontay Wilder and current undisputed heavyweight champion Tyson Fury took home 25x more than the UFC 270 roster COMBINED for their trilogy fight last year.

According to Andreas Halewho is the senior martial arts editor for The Sporting News, Wilder and Fury together took home $50 million, with the latter taking home $30 million, while each UFC 270 fighter took home a measly $1.8 million. took home!

In Defense of the Matter, UFC President Dana White noted that fighters are paid for performance and pulling power, adding, “They don’t really know what these guys are making. And the fighters never come out to tell you. There is no gag order for these guys. These guys can come out anytime and tell you what they’re making. I have no problem with that. But they don’t, right? No they do not. So it’s sort of a Catch-22.”

Perhaps the problem with this statement is that underpaid fighters are reluctant to fight regularly.

The most recent UFC fighter to criticize the wage debate is the UFC’s heavyweight champion Francis Ngannouwho defeated Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 last Saturday.

With his contract set to expire this year, Ngannou must go through with the promotion due to a clause stating that a UFC champion must stay until the completion of their deal, but the Cameroonian is rumored to be out of the UFC Octagon once this is. past.


He told The MMA Hour: “I just want to be free. We are supposedly independent contractors. [An] independent contractor is technically a free person. That’s why they need some adjustments in that contract. I fought for that.”

Other high-profile fighters have also joined the debate.

the controversial Jon Jones has had a tumultuous relationship with the UFC since his debut, but his argument over pay is one that many fans can respect.

And even the ever polarizing boxer Jake Paul has also sought to address the issue, even buying a stake in the UFC company, despite his ongoing rivalry with White.

Obviously, the fighter’s payment problem in the UFC is one that will get more attention and for good reason, as these fighters put their bodies on the line every time they enter the Octagon.

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