Check Out This Custom Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Drag Race A Tesla Model S Plaid

A battle between some of today’s fastest: a modified modern muscle car in one corner, a powerful electric sedan in the other.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye VS Tesla Model S Plaid at Drag Strip
Source: Youtube @ Tesla Plaid Channel

When it comes to sheer performance and acceleration, few can rival the Tesla Model S plaid.

Tesla claims a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds, making it one of the fastest production cars on sale today. Since the Model S Plaid is pretty much the top dog in terms of 0-60, many competitors want to challenge the super EV. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye is a worthy rival.

Usually, Dodges tend to face their American Muscle rivals like the Camaro ZL1, but against an almost silent car it becomes an interesting matchup. However, the Challenger Hellcat is no stranger to the battle with the world’s most popular EV brand. Although the modified Hellcat Redeye is this time up against a much more powerful opponent on the dragstrip with 1020 horsepower.

In the YouTube video, The Tesla Plaid Channel takes over many of Dodge’s offerings, including a 920 whp Challenger Hellcat Redeye at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

Electric vehicle faces supercharged power

Since the Model S Plaid has some distinct advantages over the Challenger Hellcat Redeye, you might wonder what the Dodge does to even race it. What’s the point of the Tesla’s instant acceleration from a standstill and a clear horsepower advantage?

RELATED: 10 Awesome Facts Gearheads Need To Know About The Tesla Model S PlaidOne drawback to the Model S Plaid and other EVs is that they take time to warm up their batteries to get the best performance. In the case of the Dodge Hellcat Redeye, the tires really only need to be warmed up to get maximum performance from its supercharged Hemi V8.

Stock versus stock, Tesla is going to win every time. However, the Challenger in this video is anything but standard. The Hellcat Redeye has a stripped-down interior and an E85 fueled engine. With those adjustments, the supercharged Hemi makes similar horsepower numbers to the Tesla, while having significantly less weight.

Results Redeye vs Plaid Race

Tesla Model S Plaid on the Drag Strip
Source: Youtube @ Tesla Plaid Channel

On the Challenger side, having that much horsepower at the rear wheels can mean a loss of traction and a lot of wheelspin.

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In drag racing, having the most horsepower doesn’t always mean winning the race. It’s all about how much power you can put to the ground and this video shows the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye has no problem with that. Because the Dodge puts so much power into the rear wheels only, it literally pushes the front end off the ground.

Both cars hit 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds with a fall rate of about 250 mph. Although the Dodge won the race, the Model S Plaid had a higher fall rate of 146.80 mph. If the Model S Plaid had a better start, it should have won the race.

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