Ex-Warren De La Salle football player sues police over investigation

A former football player from Warren De La Salle High School is suing the police over their handling of the 2019 hazing scandal that triggered charges against seven athletes — all of them Black.

The lawsuit alleges that police targeted only Black athletes for actions that also involved white players, and, went out of their way to protect an elite white varsity player from getting charged in the scandal so as not to interfere with his football scholarship at a Big Ten university.

As a result, multiple Black athletes lost their football scholarships and had their reputations tarnished — even though the charges were dropped — and the accused white athlete went on to play college football at Ohio State.

He was never investigated or charged, despite allegations that he was “the main one” involved in a hazing incident, the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in US District Court, says.

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