LISTEN: Belfast’s And So I Watch You From Afar Share New Track ‘IV In Air’

And So I Watch You From Afar will release the new album ‘Jettison’ on February 18, 2022 through Equal Vision Records/Velocity Records.

And So I Watch You From Afar from Belfast shared ‘IV in Air’, the fourth single from their ambitious upcoming multimedia album toss.

‘IV in Air’ will appear alongside previously released tracks ‘Ill Lung’, ‘I Dive Pt 1’ and ‘I Dive Pt 2’.

The instrumental rock quartet has long defied the layman’s definition of post-rock by incorporating new ideas and pushing the boundaries of their intricate and ecstatic guitar-based compositions.

Swirling guitar chords and effervescent percussion introduce ‘IV in Air’ alongside a serious spoken word rendition from Neil Fallon. The song builds up the opening riff in a toe-ticking, straightforward jam that’s equally danceable and ethereal. Far from being just a soundscape, the song exudes a compelling sense of melody despite the absence of vocals.

Through 40 minutes of sonic exploration spanning nine distinct parts and a visual accompaniment by artist Sam Wiehl, toss traverses the different shades of ASIWYFA’s euphoric instrumental output. The Arco String Quartet adds moments of ethereal elegance interspersed with cryptic dialogue from Emma Ruth Rundle and Neil Fallon throughout the album, which can be pre-ordered here.

ASIWYFA poured out the adoration of big riffs and arena-level melodic heroism from their eponymous debut, continuously introducing new spins on their original sound, all the while expanding their sonic palette with each new album, taking everything from African highlife to Irish entered the weird math rock of the late 90s/early 00s.

toss was conceived by And So I Watch You From Afar’s guitarist Rory Friers and brought to life by the band, orchestrator Connor O’Boyle, the Arco String Quartet and visual artist Sam Wiehl. Jettison is a fusion of ASIWYFA’s life-affirming musical acrobatics, the overwhelming grandeur of film music and the surreal and sublime possibilities of moving images.

“Nothing in our repertoire comes close to the ambition of this latest project – the multimedia piece toss. The album is a memorable experience that transports the listener away from the tumultuous times to a blissful musical utopia,” said ASIWYFA of their upcoming new album.

The band embarks on a headlining tour in support of toss early next year in Europe and the UK, with Irish dates not yet on the list.

toss Track list:

01. I Dive Part 1
02. II Dive Pt 2
03. III Long
04. IV In the Air
05. V Hold
06. VI Immersion
07. VII emerges
08. VIII Throwing Over
09. IX AD Poet

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