Logan Paul begs Floyd Mayweather to pay him for 2021 boxing match

YouTube star Logan Paul is still chasing boxing legend Floyd Mayweather over payment for their 2021 exhibition match — going as far as begging NFL star Antonio Brown to say a word.

On June 6, 2021, YouTuber Logan Paul made history by taking on 50-0 boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match that captured the attention of the world.

Though Paul went to extremes against his legendary adversary – eventually sparking a media frenzy over the entire ordeal – he claims he has yet to see a paycheck for his monumental undertaking.

Paul first spoke out about this alleged lack of compensation in December 2021. He followed up in January 2022 by calling Mayweather a “dirty little rat” for failing to pay him in the six months following their fight.

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Logan Paul took on Floyd Mayweather in June 2021 – and the YouTuber claims he still hasn’t seen a dime from their exhibition game.

Weeks later, Paul is still going out of his way to get his money from “Money” Mayweather — even hiring NFL star Antonio Brown.

Paul brought up the topic on a January 25 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, where Brown was featured as a special guest after his viral walk-off at the Buccaneers vs jets game earlier this month.

Logan Paul bends Antonio Brown’s ear over Floyd Mayweather’s payment

“Can you tell him to pay me, bro?” he asked Brown. “Just like the rest of the money.”

“How far along do you think Logan is on the list, would you say?” Co-host Mike Majlak asked.

“Logan must be up there,” Brown replied.

“Put me on the priority list of people to be paid by Floyd,” Logan joked. “Rich, the next check you’re going to pay Floyd, bring it to me!”

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This latest trick to get his money from Mayweather comes after a major financial debacle for the YouTuber, who recently discovered that a pack of Pokemon cards he bought — worth $3.5 million — was actually fake.

Luckily, he was able to get his unfortunate purchase reimbursed (and has had huge success with his new drink line, Prime Hydration)… but it seems he’s still eager to get his bag from Mayweather, all things considered.

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