Mobile Legends Bang Bang celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of its Magic Chess arcade game mode

Apart from its 5v5 MOBA gameplay, there are also other game modes that players can try out in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Magic Chess is a popular arcade game mode that players enjoy playing. It also has its own ranking system where players can climb from Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, to Mythic. As the game has completed its 2nd anniversary, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has launched many new features and events to celebrate it. Here are all the details. Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Mobile Legends Magic Chess, MLBB Magic Chess 2nd Anniversary, Mobile Legends Magic Chess event

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Chess – New Commander

A new Magic Chess commander called Austus will also be introduced in the game. Apart from his basic “Shadow Judgment” skin, there will also be a “Hunter Griffin” skin available for purchase in the shop.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Chess – New Mechanism

To make the game more exciting, the developer team has introduced a new mechanism for the synergies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Chess. It is called Evolution and is triggered whenever players fulfill the 6-Hero limit in any synergy. The players will be then provided with two options to choose from, each of which can change the fate of the game.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Chess – New Skins

There will be two new skins added to the Magic Chess during the 2nd Anniversary event. These will be:

  • Those who join the Jovial Conductor event during this time will be able to get a free skin called Jovial Conductor for the commander Connie.
  • Players who reach the Master rank and above in Season 7 of Magic Chess will receive the Lotus Pixie skin for the commander Saki absolutely free.
  • The Hunter Griffin skin will be available for the new commander Aulus.
  • Players who purchase the Magic Chess Pass will get the Excavator Kaboom skin for the commander Kaboom.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Chess – New Gameplay

The combat in Magic Chess will be changed with the introduction of this new gameplay feature called “Magic Frenzy”. From now on, all 3-Star Heroes in Magic Chess will trigger multiple synergies.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Chess – New Pass

The Magic Chess Pass and Magic Chess Pass Plus will also be available for purchase to the players for 450 and 875 diamonds respectively (after 65% discounts). Players who buy any one of the Magic Chess Passes will receive the Excavator Kaboom skin for free. They will also get a permanent Chessboard skin called Frigid Tranquility for Magic Chess completely

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