Reveal takes over Hurricane volleyball program

Despite Stephanie Reveal stepping down as Clinton-Massie volleyball coach last spring, she always thought she would return to the sidelines as a high school volleyball coach.

But this was even faster than she thought.

Reveal, secretary of the Wilmington High School Athletic Department, will become the next WHS varsity volleyball coach, pending approval from the Wilmington City Schools Board of Education at a meeting in May.

“I always knew I would come back to coach. It’s something I love and enjoy,” said Reveal, a 1993 CMHS graduate and varsity volleyball coach from 2006 to 2021. “I just didn’t realize it would go so fast.”

Reveal stopped by Massie’s to watch her daughter Cadin play volleyball at Wilmington College. However, a year away as a high school coach gave Reveal the perspective she needed.

“I could look at Cadin’s roster and compare it to high school’s roster and see what conflicts there would be,” Reveal said. “I let Troy (Diels, WHS Athletic Director) know when he approached me about some conflicts that concerned me and if we could change a few things. I was confident that I could make this happen.”

Reveal will take over from Wilmington after the resignation of Jenna Persinger. The one-time dominant program under head coach Gary Downing, WHS volleyball had been through tough times and struggled to produce a winner in recent years. In 2016 and 2017, Wilmington didn’t even win a competition.

Until Persinger took over. In her four seasons with WHS, Persinger grew the schedule from seven wins in 2018 to 14 wins in 2021.

“Jenna came in and took over a program that was at an all-time low,” Reveal said. “She started rebuilding the program that was missing since the Gary Downing era and what an era that was. She started to bring back the culture needed to believe in herself and the confidence to start winning again.”

So Reveal hopes to bring a program back to a height it hasn’t seen in years.

“It’s a great group of ladies, they’re resilient and the desire is there to become better all-round players, they want to be pushed and that’s what I plan to do with them,” said Reveal.

Her plan is simple, but it won’t always be easy.

“I know from experience that you only get better by stepping up the competition,” she said. “Do you always win? No, not always and that’s okay because with every loss you gain knowledge and find your weaknesses and areas to improve. To be competitive at the Division I level and get some tournament wins, we need to play at a much faster pace and try to tighten up our regular season schedule. ”

However, since it’s volleyball, the challenge is one that Reveal embraces with open arms, even though she’ll be coaching against her alma mater at some point.

“I love the game, the competition and the coaching,” said Reveal. “I don’t see it being much different than when I coached at Massie and worked here (at WHS). I’m still going to cheer those great moves when they happen, no matter who the opponent is, that’s just the coach in me.

“I’ve always told my players that I just inherited 10-12 extra children who are now ‘my children’ for life. That will never change, regardless of the name on the jersey. I want them to know that they are always with me and that I will be there for them not only in volleyball but also in everyday life But don’t get me wrong, the competitor in me will always come out and I will push them to their limits I don’t like of losses.”

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After a year of absence, Reveal returns to coaching at WHS

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