The 20 Best Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets of 2022

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At the first mention of a diamond bracelet, it’s hard to imagine anything but a tennis bracelet. The iconic style—which does have a connection to the sport of tennis—first came on the jewelry scene in the 1920s and was originally known as a diamond line bracelet before earning its tennis title. The bracelet’s modern name was “coined after women’s tennis champion Chris Evert lost a similar style on the 1987 US Open court,” says Yuvi Alpert, founder of the jewelry house Noémie.

Now, with more sustainable diamonds available, the classic tennis bracelet has received an eco-conscious (and more affordable) upgrade with lab-grown diamonds. And, with its simple yet eye-catching design, it’s the perfect addition to any wedding day ensemble.

Read on for our specially curated collection of the best lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets to wear on your wedding day.

What to Look for in a Diamond Tennis Bracelet


“To ensure the diamonds are high-quality and conflict-free, make sure the tennis bracelet includes an IGI certification,” says Alpert. Other popular certifications include GIA, AGS, and GCAL.

Cut, Clarity, and Color

Alpert also recommends keeping “cut, color, and clarity” top of mind. The cut is important because that will help determine the style of the bracelet and, if you prefer one cut over another, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your style. Color and clarity are important because they play a key role in how diamonds look. If the color and clarity aren’t great, the diamonds might appear dirty and dingey.

Carat Weight

According to Alpert, the weight of your bracelet is also something to consider. In the case of lab-grown diamonds, carat is important to consider because it helps determine the value and price of the diamond (or in this case, diamonds). The higher the carat weight, the more expensive the piece will be.


  • The tennis bracelet consists of “a single row of flexible, close-set diamonds, and a securely designed clasp.” says Alpert, noting that the bracelet style is “designed to move fluidly without the concern of it falling off.”

  • One challenge to choosing a diamond bracelet is ensuring it fits. Luckily, tennis bracelets are similar to other pieces of jewelry in that they “can be resized,” Alpert says. “If your bracelet is too loose, your local jeweler can remove one or several links to create the perfect fit,” Alpert adds.

  • The only difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is the source. “Natural diamonds are mined in nature,” says Alpert. “They form over the course of thousands of years through intense heat and pressure.” Hence its name, lab-grown diamonds “are crafted under lab-controlled conditions.” Lab-grown diamonds are considered more ethical and sustainable since the conditions required to “mine” these diamonds are safer. And, although they have the same makeup as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are significantly more affordable since they do not require as much time to procure, and they touch fewer hands throughout the creation process.

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