BMW Three-Way Drag Race Between M8, M5 CS, And M5 Competition Crowns This Champ

Mat Watson and CarWow regularly gives us some truly brilliant drag races. Be they with Porsches, Fords, or even Formula 1 cars, they have something for us all. This latest video features drag races between three different BMWs. These are the M8, M5 CS, and M5 Competition. All of these cars have a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood, but the power figures are different. In the M8 and the M5 Competition, the engine puts out 625 hp. But in the M5 CS, the power is 635 hp. This could be an interesting set of races.

The M Cars Go Head-To-Head

All of these cars have four-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic gearboxes, so there are not many differences at all between the cars. All of these cars are very, very fast, and Yianni of Yannimize is in the M5 CS. Onto the races, then. Race one is, as you might expect, a fascinating affair. The three cars launch very evenly, but then the M8 Competition and the M5 CS pull away from the standard M5 Competition, and Watson in the Competition just wins the race. But Watson in the M8 jumped the start a bit, so they give it another go.

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The Racing Continues

BMW M Cars Drag Race Drag Race Start
via CarWow YouTube Channel

Watson and Yianni just leave the M5 Competition in its wake, but the M5 CS is really able to stretch its legs and pull away from the M8. That extra 10 hp does seem to really help the car out, while despite having the same power as the regular M8, the regular M5 Competition just was not able to keep up. Watson then lines all three of the cars up in automatic mode and comfort mode for a rolling race.

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The Final Set Of Races

BMW M Cars Drag Race Brake Test
via CarWow YouTube Channel

The rolling race is quite an interesting one, as the M5 CS just roars away from the other two. Watson initially struggles to jump past the regular M5 but does manage to beat it. The M5 CS’s victory is rather hollow as it takes out a bird with its wing mirror. Another roll race and this time, the result between the M8 and M5 CS is much closer, with the CS winning to the mile. Watson though did another rolling run with the M8, as it didn’t appear its limiter was actually removed, so Watson just hit a wall at 164 mph. Finally, the braking test. And it is a clear win for the M5 CS, making it just one race that the CS was not able to win.

Source: CarWow YouTube Channel

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