Catching up with KD Johnson: ‘I love basketball’

Of this year’s four Auburn team transfers, KD Johnson is the only one who took the step within the conference. He played his freshman year in Georgia.

This season, with the Tigers, Johnson is second on the team with 13.3 points per game, and he leads the team and is second in the SEC with 44 steals. He is also loved by the fans for the toughness he displays and the emotion he plays with.

Favorite movie? Ride along
Favorite food? Pasta
Music for the competition? Slimelife Shawty, Young Thug, Gunna
Favorite video game? Call of Duty, Madden and Fortnite

Q: Do you have nicknames?

johnson: KD Some people call me Biscuit. That’s my childhood name.

Q: What do people not know about you?

johnson: I am a very big football man. I probably love football as much as I love basketball.

Q: Who is your team in the NFL?

johnson: My team is the (Tampa Bay) Bucs. I really like the (Atlanta) Falcons. I’m staying with the Falcons. But I like the Bucs. I love Tom Brady.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

johnson: I didn’t take it seriously until probably sixth grade. I didn’t play on an organized team until the eighth grade because I was still playing football at the time.

Q: Do you remember the first time you dunked?

johnson: I had my first dunk in ninth grade. It was in a varsity game. I probably started that game, and it was a game we blew them out. I could almost always dunk, but I just tried that game and it went in.

Q: After playing in Georgia last year, why did you move to Auburn?

johnson: Only the people. BP (Bruce Pearl), his coaching staff, how everything is organized and how he treats his players. No one in the country trains and prepares how we prepare. It’s just different, and I like that.

Q: What stood out during your visit to the campus and the community?

johnson: I wasn’t really focused on campus. I only came here to win games. I loved the basketball part of it. But when I got here, I saw the fans and everyone’s love, just the culture here – football too, before we even started – just the love here, I love it.

Q: What was it like playing in front of fans at Auburn Arena again?

johnson: In Georgia it was COVID, so I wasn’t really playing in front of a student crowd. This is really my first student crowd, so it’s crazy. I love it. I just love home games now. I really don’t like playing teams in their place. I want to see our fans almost every game.

Q: You like to play in front of the crowd. Have you always shown such emotions?

johnson: I’ve always been like that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small gym, a big gym, I’m always screaming. It’s just emotion. I like basketball a lot. It just comes from there.

Question: Are you also like that off the field?

johnson: Yes. When I play NBA 2K with the team, I’m pretty excited.

Q: So who is? KD Johnson?

johnson: Many people say, ‘Is he crazy?’ I’m not crazy. They probably see the basketball side of it, but normally I’m just a chill person. I love it though. I appreciate it all.

Q: You’re probably not opponents’ favorite, are you?

johnson: No, they’re not so happy when they see me. When I went to Alabama, they booed me quite a bit. That kind of turned me on.

Q: A steal, a dunk or a three-pointer – you have to pick one.

johnson: Probably the dunk because I really don’t dunk like that anymore. In high school I was kind of a dunker. In college it’s fun because I don’t always do it and I like the response I get from The Jungle. It gets even louder.

Q: You’ve seen the Auburn Twitter memes. What was your favourite?

johnson: I do not know. There are many. I haven’t thought about it. I love them all. They are all funny to me. I come here a lot now. I wasn’t on Twitter before coming here, but now I love it.

Q: What does that say about these Auburn fans and their passion?

johnson: For me I think they are the number 1 fans in the world.

Q: What is the goal for you and for this team?

johnson: I just take it one game at a time. I have no fixed goals. I’m glad we’re winning now. I just want to keep that up.

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