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OBSERVER Photo by Christian Storms At left, Dakota Vanarsdale of Forestville steps into a pitch during Wednesday’s CCAA bowling game against Frewsburg at Frewsburg Lanes.

FREWSBURG — The top two teams in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 2 girls bowling faced each other in Frewsburg Lanes on Wednesday.

With one game to go, the Frewsburg Bears took a massive 3-1 victory over the Forestville Hornets.

The Bears improved their record to 34-6 after posting a line score of 555-605-590-1,750 against Forestville’s 563-516-564-1,643.

Katelyn Bean shone for Frewsburg, beating a 618 series 162-99-257 games. Kelsey Fischer added a 164 game in a 434 series and Cloey Linn hit 152 in a 411 series.

Dakota Vanarsdale led Forestville (30-10) with 171-174 games in a run of 479. Mackenzy Graziano added a game of 151 in a run of 441.

OBSERVER Photo by Christian Storms Brayden Smith of Forestville continues with a shot during Wednesday’s game against Frewsburg at Frewsburg Lanes.

Coming Tuesday, Frewsburg could take first place in the league by winning just one game against Clymer/Sherman (26-14).

The Frewsburg boys continued to roll in Division 2 with a 4-0 sweep over Forestville.

The Bears (55-1) posted a line score of 793-703-896-2,392 against Forestville’s 709-644-673-2,026.

Collin Kehrli accelerated Frewsburg by 165-188-169 games in a 522 series. Erich Thompson batted 169-179-486, Ontario Endress batted 154-181-469, Caden Harvey batted 193-461 and Matthew Thompson batted 168-174-454.


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Brayden Smith lighted the lanes for Forestville (33-27) with 173-167-232 games in a 572 series. Tyler Waugh had a match of 156 and Jack Frost scored 150.


The Maple Grove Red Dragons bowling teams defeated Clymer/Sherman in Division 2 action at Jamestown Bowling Company.

The Maple Grove boys won 3-1 with a line score of 857-798-716-2,371 against Clymer/Sherman’s 685-592-738-2,015.

Carter Rishel led the Red Dragons with 201-186-171 games in a 558 series. Logan Crist hit 211-190 games in a 541 series, Keegan Rishel hit 151-167 and Brennan Moore knocked out a game of 168.

Hunter Babcock hit 179-155 games in a 462 series for Clymer/Sherman. Carson Faulkner added 154–159 games and Hunter Bogert hit 161.

The Maple Grove girls also won 3-1 with a line score of 542-478-512-1,532 against Clymer/Sherman’s 468-549-434-1,451.

Hailie VanEvery led the Red Dragons with 163-165 games in a 477 series.

Adelie Jackson threw a 166 and Elliot Thompson threw a 162 for Clymer/Sherman.



JAMESOWN — The Falconer Golden Falcons girls bowling team defeated Silver Creek 4-0 in Division 1 action at Jamestown Bowling Company on Tuesday.

Falconer posted a line score of 781-766-791-2,338 against Silver Creek’s 602-699-601-1,902.

Kaitlyn Swan led Falconer 164-177-176 games in a run of 517. Rachel Himes batted 173-158-161-492, Rachael Wallace batted 166-166-467 and Hannah Cross batted 171-159-477.

Emily Barlette-Dye led Silver Creek 166-210-161 games in a 537 series.

The Falconer boys also defeated Silver Creek 4-0.

The Golden Falcons brought a line score of 777-791-862-2,430 to Silver Creek’s 587-642-724-1,953.

Damen Vincent set Falconer’s pace with 152-181-214 games in a 547 series. Nicolas Houston crushed 221-175 in a 535 series, James Patterson hit 153-160-456, Tyler Swanson rolled a 191 and Josiah Sprague nailed a 175.

Nate Barlette-Dye led Silver Creek with a 202 in a 485 series.

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