Inaugural season for bowling team at Deer Lakes off to rolling start

Over the past seven years, the effort to start a bowling team at Deer Lakes School District was getting nowhere. Then Kaylee Lipp stepped in.

For a class project last year in persuasive writing, the Deer Lakes student took on the cause of the bowling team. And it worked.

Lipp’s letter was read by the right people. The school board went on to approve the boys and girls bowling teams Sept. 21. The junior was happy to see the impact of her actions after advocating for an athletic activity for those unable to participate in contact sports.

“The school district would say there was not enough interest, and we proved them wrong,” Lipp said.

The Sept. 21 approval was just in time for both teams to begin their inaugural season. The girls were on the top of the WPIBL varsity standings with an undefeated record of 4-0 as of the holiday break. The boys were 2-2 and tied for third place in their section.

The school community has made its excitement known for the newly added sport, packing every home game the teams have had so far this season. Coach George Germanich said the district’s athletic director, Charles Bellisario, “has gone above and beyond for us.”

“I am glad the school finally decided to allow us to do it,” he said.

The excitement is mutual among players, like Deer Lakes junior Tayla Germanich, a daughter of the coach.

“It’s fun and gives me something to do. It helps me make new friends,” said Tayla, who has bowled her whole life and is joined on the team by her sister Tia.

Lipp looks forward to recruiting more players, attracted by the teams’ visibility and performances so far in the season.

“We are all pretty happy we are able to get a team,” she said.

George Germanich said the girls have created a good chemistry with each other. The team is working on solidifying a fifth player to start on the team.

“We want to get consistency. Other than that, they don’t have any weaknesses,” he said.

Germanich remains confident about the girls’ performance throughout the rest of the season. He said the team has been comfortable since getting their feet wet.

Assistant Coach Kevin Hindman oversees the boys team. He was a coach for the bowling team at Knoch High School, as well as a member of the team when he was a student there.

He said the Deer Lakes boys team is fairly novice, with just two experienced players. Throughout the season, the boys have focused on the basics and getting up to speed on the game.

“They are all really excited about bowling. They are all eager to show up to practice, and they enjoy it,” he said.

Tanisha Thomas is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Tanisha at 412-480-7306, or via Twitter .

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