Monster Hunter Rise: Blossom Cricket Location

After almost a year, PC players can finally get started with Monster Hunter Rise, the former Switch exclusive. As expected, Rise pits players against large creatures such as the monster on the game’s cover, Magnamalo. While Switch owners have been enjoying this title for a while, the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise brings a few extra features to the table, including improved textures, resolution and performance, widescreen support, and the DLC from day 1.


In addition to fighting giant monsters, players spend a lot of time completing various missions, while also collecting materials and resources to craft new and better gear. While there’s a good chunk to be won by fighting the wide array of creatures in Monster Hunter Rise, some items are more elusive and can only be found in certain regions.

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One of those tools is the Blossom Cricket, a rare material needed to make certain versions of the Hunting Horn and Insect Glaive. Follow this guide to discover the best way to get the Blossom Cricket inside Monster Hunter Rise.

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Where to find Blossom Cricket

Unlike most resources and materials, Blossom Cricket can only be obtained from the Argosy in Kamura Village through the Buddy Plaza. Essentially, this is the game version of a trading system that can be managed while completing quests and hunting monsters.

Players must also ensure that the Argosy submarine is fully upgraded, which means completing the quests, cultural exchange, and economic stimulation. Completing those quests will unlock two additional Trade Request slots, giving players more opportunities to earn Blossom Crickets.

When you’re ready, go to Order Items and then Trade Requests to open the menu. From here, players need to select an item from the Mushyroom Market, so something like a mushroom or insect will do the trick. Keep an eye on the box at the bottom right when you mark specific items, as the game will tell players which market their buddy will be looking for. Blossom Cricket is a rare material that is given as a bonus after a buddy returns with the trade request items.

Players may want to search for Godbugs as not only is this part of the Mushyroom market, but the item is also valuable so they can be sold for extra cash if needed. In addition, Lagniapples and high-level bargaining tactics can also increase the chances of finding Blossom Crickets.

It is worth noting that both Butterfly Beetle and Dreamshell are obtained in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, this means players won’t find them by harvesting monster parts or collecting them from certain zones, and there’s no specific way to determine what bonus item players get.

What do you use Blossom Cricket for?

Blossom Cricket is a necessary component for Magia weapons in the Insect Glaive and Hunting Horn weapon categories.

The Magia Charm is a hunting horn that deals ice damage and has melody effects of Health Recovery (S), Sonic Barrier, and Health Recovery (S). Players need 1650 coins, 1 Blossom Cricket, 2 Lightcrystal and 4 Snow Herb. It can be upgraded three more times, with Blossom Cricket requirements also increasing by 1 for each level. For example, to upgrade to the Magia Chambell, 4 Blossom Crickets are needed.

Alternative, Monster Hunter Rise players can also forge the Magia Pitareen, an Insect Glaive that deals Blast Damage. While the requirements are largely the same as the Magia Charm, players will need 3 Bombadgy Igniters instead of the Snow Herb. The latest upgrade is known as the Magia Crescent, a rarity level 6 weapon that deals 33 blast damage.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC and Switch.

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Source: Monster Hunter Rise Wiki

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