Retired professional boxer opens new boxing and fitness center in Mount Pleasant

On January 17, Centennial Hall welcomed Mount Pleasant Boxing & Fitness, a fitness center owned by retired professional boxer and CEO of Lansing Spartans Youth Organization (LYSO), Kolmarge Harris.

Harris’s mission is to help children overcome adversity by exposing them to a healthy environment, prioritizing activities and the discipline of boxing. SwoleConnect, Inc. and their partner TruthMap, Inc. helped Harris’s dream come true. Having the fitness center in the center offers beginners a great opportunity to start their fitness journey.

At a young age Harris was diagnosed with a learning disability, including dyslexia and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). His father suggested that Harris try boxing as a way to overcome his struggles with bullying. After training in Lansing and at the Windy City Boxing Club in Harris’ hometown of Chicago, he turned pro in 2002 before leaving the boxing ring in 2017.

As president and founder of LYSO, Harris started the nonprofit in 2009 with the hope of motivating children and teens who may be struggling with weight loss and aggressive behavior. With his passion for LYSO, he is grateful to be able to provide a facility to the Mount Pleasant community.

“My goal for Mt. Pleasant is to take champions out of here because Mt. Pleasant hasn’t had any champions here in 30 years,” Harris says. “If I could bring the first champion back here, as a black owner, I would be very blessed.”

Using the training he has learned from boxing, he is able to coach children and teenagers so that they too can be successful. Harris said he always tells people to take it easy in training because it will take time to see improvement, but with the right mindset anything is possible.

Mount Pleasant Boxing & Fitness offers a five-week fitness program that costs $50 for children ages 5 to 13, $50 for youth ages 14 to 17, and $100 for adults. Since the duration is more than five weeks, training is from Monday to Thursday. For those who prefer not to do a group session, they can book with a trainer for $15 per session.

“It is a true testament to character for a man to triumph so much and emerge with nothing but benevolence at his core. His passion for helping the youth of our community will continue to serve as a critical part of the Mid-Michigan Warrior culture,” said James Greene, CEO of SwoleConnect, Inc.

Visit to learn more about Mount Pleasant Boxing & Fitness or to view current offerings.


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