Dove Chess Academy celebrates Liberation Day in style

At least 100 participants attended the second edition of Dove Chess Academy of the Liberation Day chess tournament that was pledged on Wednesday, January 25, 2020 at the Iwanza complex in Kamwokya, Kampala.

The championship whose main purpose has been to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) since it came to power in 1986, had five different age categories, from under-8, under-10, under-14, under-16 and under 20 for both sexes.

During the one-day championship, cash prizes and trophies were awarded to the best performers in each category, while the top three from each event received medals and certificates of participation for all.

Woman Fide Master (WFM) Christine Namaganda and the director of Dove Chess Academy (DCA) were impressed by the emergence of players recovering from a prolonged COVID-19 lockdown amid the resumption of academia.

“I am generally impressed with the turnout as we are just coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, but the kids have been able to play among academics. We also had strong youth players participating, which has made the competition stiff and lively and it was a good experience.”

The event was organized in conjunction with Novato Chess Club and Focus Youth Forum (FYF), who believe that sport helps transform the minds of the young generation and in fact chess

“We did it together and guided Dove Chess Academy from humble beginnings as our inspiration is to see it grow and influence many people since the main vision of Focus Youth Forum is to touch the lives of young people. It has been a successful event and our intention has come true because we wanted to get more participants and let these young people know what Liberation Day means.” So says FYF Executive Director Bernard Kaikara Mugume.

He added: “This tournament aims to inform this young generation that the land is coming from somewhere, that it has been liberated and provides an environment for the young generation to thrive and grow as we try to inform them that there are is an origin.

“So we can now focus and organize our minds, but engage in chess and other co-curriculum activities to transform the young generation. Chess is one of the sports that organizes the minds of young people.”

The successful tournament played in seven rounds in Swiss format had 16 (U-8), 21 (U-10), 33 (U-14) and a combined 30 players in the U-16 and U-20 respectively.

The tournament was played under the theme ‘Developing leadership capacity through chess’.

Top performers

Boys (U-20)

1. Semwanga Richard – 5.5 points
2. Mulindwa Reagan – 4.5 points
3. Apostle Calvin – 4.5 points

Girls (U-20)

1. Meeme Joyce – 3 points
2. Excuse penalty 2.5 points
3. Nambwere Joan 1,5 points

Boys (U-16)

1. Hire Benjamin – 7 points
2. Rent Nygaard -5 points
3. Genza Joakim -5 points

Girls (U16)

1.Reddy Sravya – 5 points
2. Nakamate Agnes – 3 points
3. Natongo Grace – 1 point

Under 14

1. Tandeka Shiloh – 6 points
2. Siima Zion Kazoora – 6 points
3. Kayyar shoubhith – 5.5 points

under 10

1. Jacques Kennedy – 7 points
2. Muwanguzi Alpha – 6 points
3. Harris Karugaba – 5 points

under 8

1. Mubiru Jayden 7 points
2. Oyang Sankara – 5 points
3. Nabisubi Joan – 5 points

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