Deep Dive Dubai Sinks the Competition With 60m-Deep Diving Pool

Deep Dive Dubai’s interior is designed as an abandoned cityscape. With an abandoned Mercedes in the background… (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

Deep Dive Dubai has stunned the diving world with the opening of the deepest diving pool in the world, verified by Guinness World Records at 60.02m deep, 15m deeper than the previous record holderDeep Spot, which opened in Mszczonow, Poland in 2020.

Located in Nad Al Sheba, Deep Dive Dubai has been built in the shape of a giant oyster – a nod to the UAE’s pearl-diving heritage – and is home to a dive shop, gift shop, an 80-seat restaurant that will be open to the public later this year, and variety of meeting, event, and conference spaces with on-site catering and capacity for up to 100 people.

If the title of world’s deepest swimming pool for diving was not quite enough, Deep Dive Dubai is also home to the region’s largest underwater film studio, complete with a media editing room and video wall

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Deep Dive Dubai has been built in the shape of a giant oyster… (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

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…but it looks a little different underwater (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

Deep Dive Dubai’s pool features an array of underwater attractions, including a sunken city with an abandoned streetscape, apartment, garage, and games arcade. The pool also contains two underwater habitats with dry chambers at six and 21 meters, advanced sound and mood lighting systems, and 56 underwater cameras which cover all areas of the pool.

The pool’s freshwater is filtered and circulated every six hours through siliceous volcanic rock, NASA-developed filter technology and UV radiation, and is maintained at a very comfortable 30 degrees centigrade.

Large viewing areas on the lower floors of the building allow diners at the restaurant and other rooms to peer into the underwater environment. The facility will also contain the region’s most advanced hyperbaric chamber, set to open later in 2021.

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A window into the deep (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

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Watch divers while you dine, or diners while you dive (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

Deep Dive Dubai’s spokesperson Abdulla Bin Habtoor, said: ‘Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill-seekers to dive inwards and discover a new underwater dimension filled with adventure and wonder. We offer an unparalleled experience with year-round diving, in a safe environment, with outstanding instructors and services. This facility is an investment in Dubai’s growing sports culture and will add another world-class destination to Dubai’s thriving tourist attraction and adventure tourism sector.

‘In developing the concept and facility, we took inspiration from the bravery and fortitude of the UAE’s pearl-diving heritage,’ said Bin Habtoor. ‘ We also hope to embody the determination of Emirati explorers and innovators, both past and present, as well as provide a platform for future achievements and discoveries.’

Deep Dive Dubai is currently open by invitation only, but public bookings are expected to start in late July. Guided experiences and courses will be offered to both residents and visitors over the age of 10 and will be spread across ‘Discover’, ‘Dive’ and ‘Develop’ categories, to include a range of programs from entry-level experiences to technical and professional level courses.

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The abandoned apartment (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

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Deep Dive Dubai’s Arcade room (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

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Plenty of underwater activities (Photo: Deep Dive Dubai)

Guide-to-guest ratios at the facility will be kept low, and the high-end rental gear has been sourced from Halcyon, Scubapro and Fourth Element. Underwater photo and video equipment will also be available to rent.

Deep Dive Dubai’s Director Jarrod Jablonski, himself a world-record-holding cave diver and leading figure in the worldwide development of scuba diving, says that Deep Dive Dubai will offer the best-in-class diving safety practices, procedures, and equipment, designed to both ‘wow and welcome’ everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned diverse.

‘By design, Deep Dive Dubai offers something truly unique for everyone and our team is committed to ensuring a memorable experience, with outstanding service, for everyone, every time,’ said Jablonski. ‘For those seeking a unique experience, Deep Dive Dubai provides an exceptional, safe and controlled environment to learn all about diving. For experienced members of the freedive and scuba dive communities, it’s a facility and experience like no other.’

Deep Dive Dubai is located in Nad Al Sheba 1 and is easily accessible from Dubai’s main tourist and residential neighbourhoods; just a 20-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and 15 minutes from the city centre. For more information and booking facilities, visit

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