Mesquite bowler finds a new lane after move from Alaska

Every bowling venue in America has any number of extraordinary individuals who are truly passionate about the sport and with a story so unique and compelling it merits some serious ink.

Bob Robbins is currently a league bowler in Mesquite who is one of those exceptional individuals with a truly unique story.

How’s this for starters? For almost 30 years he bowled in a two-lane bowling center housed inside an Elks Lodge in Wrangell, Alaska where the only way in or out of town was either on an airplane or taking a ferry on the amazing Alaska Marine Highway.

His bowling at Wrangell was the easy part. The inspiring part is in all those years he volunteered his time keeping the pinsetters maintained and running, oiling the lanes and serving as league secretary for the 80-plus bowlers in the town’s three leagues who bowled in shifts five nights a week.

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