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For week of Feb. 11

Every Pacesetters team that showed up for bowling Friday, Feb. 11, left the lanes as winners, even if it was only by half a point! This is fitting since the February full moon, which will arrive on the 16th, is sometimes referred to as the “Hungry Moon” and Monday we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Well done bowlers!

Team Play and Star Bowlers

Scoregasm, bowling unopposed because E-bowla was a no show, put 4 points in their win column.

We Just Met, bowling against pre-bowled scores from Bowl Busters was able to find a half point in a third-game tie.

K&M, finding themselves in an unfamiliar 10th place coming into the night, came out strong. They beat third-place Grahams in games 1 and 2 by a combined total of 178 pins. Grahams did their best to recover and won game 3 by 100 pins.

In a David & Goliath match up on lanes 7 & 8, That’s How We Roll put up a team-high 2485 pins against Anderson/Young and earned 3 of the 4 points.

Working hard to stay in the top 3, Rolling Balls took 3 points from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Crap.

Being able to join the Friday night fun was good for L&M when they nearly took all 4 points from All Balls No Glory. Game 1 went to All Balls by only 6 pins, and then there was no looking back for L&M when they took games 2 and 3 by a combined 156 pins.

Barbie and Pat from L&M are both Star Bowlers on the night. Barbie rolled a 464, 92 pins over her average, and Pat rolled a 647, 119 pins over his average. Well done Larsen!

Morgan County Signs continues to dominate their opponents. They did lose the first game to JZ Motorsports, but then they hit the gas and got the next 3 points.

Justin from Morgan County Signs rolled a 246, 68 pins over his average, and is a Star Bowler. Well done Justin!

Finally, on Lanes 15 & 16, Snap Crackle and Pop was only 10 pins away from taking all 4 points from Here For The Beer. In game 2, Lisa, from Here For The Beer, rolled a 192.76 pins over her average. This was the help her team needed to get their only point with an 870 to 861 victory. Well done Lisa!

Team Standings

League standings after 5 weeks of the second half of the Pacesetters’ season are as follows:

1. Morgan County Signs

2. Scoregasm

3. Rolling Balls

4. Grahams

5. Anderson/Young

6. K&M

7. Snap Crackle and Pop

8. JZ Motorsports

9. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Crap

10. Here For The Beer

11. L&M

12. E bowl

13. All Balls No Glory

14. That’s How We Roll

15. We Just Met

16. Bowl Busters

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