Rockford’s Gas Prices Keep Going Up, No End In Sight

The national average price for a gallon of gas rose sharply last week to $3.48, which is four cents more than a week ago. Here in Rockford, that number is $3.60 per gallon, when last week we were at $3.52.

Last month Rockford’s gas price (for a gallon of self-serve regular) was $3.34, so it’s pretty clear that we’re going the…

Newspaper headline “Soaring gas prices”

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Gas Price/Oil Industry Analysts Lay The Blame At The Rising Cost Of Barrels Of Crude Oil

AAA-Chicago points out that weather and our thoughts on the future of COVID-19 are helping to cause prices to rise:

The main culprit behind the recent climb in pump prices remains the high cost of crude oil, which is stubbornly bobbing around $90 per barrel. Moderating winter weather and optimism about a potential fading of the omicron variant have led to an increase in gas demand. Gas prices will likely increase as demand grows and crude oil prices remain above $90 per barrel.

It seems that getting some halfway decent weather while we watch state after state (except our own, thus far) roll back restrictions and mandates has made us all collectively want to drive around more.

Newspaper headline “Oil prices jump”

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This is the place where all your money has been going lately.

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Take A Look At How Gas Prices Have Been Changing Around Illinois

Nationally, gas prices are hovering around the $3.48 mark, when last week they were at $3.44, a month ago at $3.30, and sat at $2.50 one year ago.

Lord in Rockfordthe average gas price is $3.60† A week ago it was $3.52$3.34 one month back, and $2.66 on this date in 2021.

In Chicago, where you’re going to pay substantially more for nearly everything, their average gas price this week is $3.93, when last week it was $3.89. A month ago, the price was $3.78, and one year ago you would have paid $2.92 per gallon within Chicago city limits.

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Read on to explore the cost of gas over time and rediscover just how much a gallon was when you first started driving.

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