Why Auto Chess Is So Popular Today

League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In 2019, auto chess was the most popular genre of video games in the world. The release of Dota’s Auto Chess had gained over 8 million players worldwide with Riot Games releasing Teamfight Tactics a few months later. TFT claimed the throne on Twitch that year and is even played professionally around the world today.

Auto chess and auto battler games are slightly different genres and have different rules. However, the two follow the same concept of an RNG-based algorithm. Auto chess is typically played on a chessboard-like arena with several units as pieces. Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Dota Underlords are a few examples of auto-chess games. Each unit has different costs, classes and abilities. By buying several of the same units, they will level up and become stronger. There are also different items that can be given to units in order to buff them. Players typically battle against other players’ boards, and the last board standing wins.

Even though the auto chess/battler genre didn’t take off until 2019, this genre has existed for a long time. From Warcraft III to the original Hearthstone card game, auto battlers were being played worldwide even before the drop of today’s more popular titles. So why now? What caused this particular genre to grow so much in popularity?

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