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The Downriver League held its final bowling meet of the regular season on Monday at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park. It was position play as first place battled second place, third place battled fourth place, etc.


It’s fitting that the first-place match between Gibraltar Carlson and Wyandotte Roosevelt ended in a draw. Both teams split the point and because of their half-point advantage in the standings coming into play on Monday, Roosevelt emerged as the league champion.

Downriver League bowling position night photo gallery

It marked the eighth league title in the 13-year history of the DRL for the Bears.

The differences in pin total were marginal throughout the match. The two teams split the opening baker games with Carlson ultimately outscoring Roosevelt in the two games by just 18 pins. That gave the Marauders a 6-4 edge going into the regular games.

Alex Muller – For MediaNews Group

Wyandotte Roosevelt’s Michael Massengill starts his approach on Monday at Thunderbowl Lanes during the Downriver League’s position night. The Roosevelt boys tied Gibraltar Carlson 15-15 and ultimately claimed the league championship for 2021-22. (Alex Muller – For MediaNews Group)

The two teams each won five individual games and split the two regular series. The big difference though was Roosevelt outscoring Carlson by 18 pins in the first series (857 to 839). The Marauders won the second series, however it was only a five-pin difference over the Bears.

That gave Roosevelt the two points for the combined regular games (1783 to 1770) to force the tie for the match.

Roosevelt got wins from Michael Massengill (193-161) and Jack Murray (231-148) in the first series while Thomas Bain (201), Nick Webster (180), and Jacob Vernier (183-236) each won in the second series .

It was a similar trend for Carlson. Jordan Bryson (174-147), Nico Reach (200-180), and Zackary Sisk (219-231) each won their respective games in the first series while Griffen Nickols (180) and Chase Acomfort (193) won in the second series .

Alex Muller – For MediaNews Group

Zackary Sisk bowls for Gibraltar Carlson on Monday at Thunderbowl Lanes on what was the Downriver League’s position night. Sisk and the Marauders tied Wyandotte Roosevelt 15-15 and closed out the year in second place for the season. (Alex Muller – For MediaNews Group)

Sisk’s two-game score of 450 was the highest of the day; he was matched up with Roosevelt’s Vernier in both series, losing the second of two games.


In the third vs. fourth match, a strong start propelled Woodhaven to a victory over Taylor High.

Woodhaven raced out to a 10-0 lead after sweeping the two baker games and outscoring Taylor by 38 pins.

That proved to be important for the Warriors. The two teams split the 10 individual games five apiece and each won one regular series. Taylor though by a mere 23 pins got the extra two points for the combined regular series pin total (1797 to 1774).

Matthew Sterbenz (192-225) won both of his games for Woodhaven on Monday. Jonny Michalski (196-172) had a win in the first regular set while Dominic Duey (165) and Dominick Alesescu (145-211) picked up wins in the second set of regular games.

For Taylor, Cody Hughes (207-234) and Trevon Johnson (100-183) each won both of their games while Bruce Mousseau (149) eked out a win in his only solo performance in the first series.


Lincoln Park closed out the league slate on a high note with a convincing victory over Southgate Anderson in fifth vs. sixth match on monday.

After dominating the opening baker games (279 to 244) to take an early 10-0 lead in the match, Lincoln Park continued to cruise in the regular games. The Railsplitters ended up winning seven of the 10 individual game points and had the higher pin total in both series (1768 to 1584).

Justin Maldenado (202-155) and Nathan Josupeit (205-193) led the way for Lincoln Park as each won both of their games. Elsewhere for the Rails, Brianna Peters and Megan Fisk helped out on the boys’ side for the Rails. Peters (170) earned a win in the first series while Fisk (190) and Marcello Dominguez (120-153) each had wins in the second series.

Anderson got a strong showing from Luke Piscitello (210-232), which won both of his games. The Titans also got a solid effort from Nolan Pesci (165-183), who was matched up with Lincoln Park’s Josupeit in both games.


Similar to Woodhaven and Lincoln Park on Monday, Allen Park used a strong effort out of the gate to pick up a season-ending victory over Edsel Ford.

Allen Park was quickly up 10-0 after sweeping the opening pair of baker games and outscored the Thunderbirds by nearly 50 pins (361 to 315).

Edsel was able to salvage some points in the regular games but the early hole proved to be too much for them to dig out of. The Jaguars did win six of the 10 individual games. Each team split the two series with the Green and White, by just nine total pins, winning the combined series total (1608 to 1599).

Connor Coogan (167-192) had a pair of wins for Allen Park on Monday. Charles Schrader (172) and Noah Olesko (150) each had wins in the first series while Nathan Roberts (177-201) and Quintin Liepe (114) picked up victories in the second slate of regular games.

The T-Birds got another strong performance from Peyton Sosnowski (237-207) winning both of his games. Sosnowski entered play on Monday tied for third in the league with Carlson’s Sisk with a game average of 200.

Elsewhere for Edsel, Ethan Craft (178-137) won his first game while Gaven Diktarewicz (154-147) won his second game.

The Trenton boys did not partake in the position-play matches on Monday. However, the team was on hand and did partake in an intrasquad scrimmage.

FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS (points won – points lost)-

1. Wyandotte Roosevelt (13 – 4)

T2. Gibraltar Carlson (12.5 – 4.5)

T2. Woodhaven (12.5 – 4.5)

4. Taylor High (9.5 – 7.5)

5. Lincoln Park (9 – 8)

6. Southgate Anderson (7.5 – 9.5)

7. Allen Park (6 – 11)

8. Dearborn Edsel Ford (5 – 12)

9. Trenton (2 – 15)



Taylor High entered this first-place match with a half-point lead over Roosevelt. The Griffins were eyeing their first outright league title in any sport since the former Kennedy and Truman High Schools consolidated four years ago.

Alex Muller – For MediaNews Group

Lilly Adams of Taylor High gets set to release the ball on Monday night at Thunderbowl Lanes. Taylor fell to Wyandotte Roosevelt and closed out the season in second place in the league standings. (Alex Muller – For MediaNews Group)

Instead, it was the Bears with a strong finish to the match to pick up the win and secure their second-ever league championship, both coming in the last three years. Roosevelt finished runner up to Woodhaven a season ago.

Both teams split the opening baker games, however, it was a more lopsided win in the second baker that gave Roosevelt the extra two points and 6-4 lead early on.

It was fairly even in terms of the individual game points, a slim 5.5 to 4.5 edge to Roosevelt. Where the Bears ultimately pulled away though was pin total as they outshot the Griffins in both regular series (1561 to 1432).

Roosevelt’s Summer Cowgar (153-172) won her second game and tied Taylor’s Casey Malmsten in the first series, hence the half-point in the final team scoring. The Bears also got wins from Maelinn Ellis (142) and Angelita Rodriguez (188-167) in the first series as well as Laticia Martinez (107-214) and Brooklyn Forester (189) in the second series.

In addition to her tie with Cowgar in the first series, Malmgren picked up a win in her second game. Angelika Miles (125-153) won both of her games for the Griffins while Lilly Adams (133-156) earned a victory in the first series.


The third vs. fourth place match was very much one-sided as fourth-place Trenton cruised past Lincoln Park, which had a four-point cushion over the Trojans in the league standings entering Monday.

The Rails could have finished in a tie for second, needing a win over Trenton and a Taylor victory over Roosevelt. Instead it was the Trojans closing out the league slate on a high note.

Trenton opened up a 10-0 lead early after sweeping the two opening baker games (273 to 191). The two teams then each won five of in the singles games but the Trojans had the higher pin total in both regular series (1411 to 1303), including a 92-pin difference in the first series.

Trenton on Monday got a pair of victories from Kali Stein (143-144). Elsewhere for the victorious Trojans, Emily Martin (169-181) and Reya Johnson (187-90) each had wins in the first series while Ava Airgood (156-134) picked up a win in the second set of regular games.

Abigail Ames (129-147) earned Lincoln Park two of the team’s five points by winning both of her games. Alisa VerDoot (198-124) put together a strong first game in a winning effort; Arianna Courtney (104-98) and Yesenia Owens (109-183) meanwhile each won their respective games in the second series.


The closest match of the day happened in the fifth vs. sixth matchup. It ended with Woodhaven climbing out of an early hole to complete a comeback win over Edsel.

The Warriors found themselves down 10-0 early after the Thunderbirds swept the two baker games to begin the match, although Edsel eked out both wins by just five total pins (230 to 225).

Woodhaven ended up taking 5.5 of the possible 10 points in the individual games. Where the Warriors made ground the most though was in terms of pin total for the combined regular series (1339 to 1255), including a 70-pin margin of victory in the first series.

Woodhaven got wins from Ashlyn Houston (128-111), Diamond Pastorious (159-106), and Emma Caldwell (147-111) in the first series while Faith Winton (127-170) and Kylee Gibbs (113-167) had wins in the second series.

Winton in the first series tied Edsel’s Emma Opalka (127-159), accounting for the half-point for each team in the final scoring. Emma won her second game as well while sister Shelby Opalka (140-116) won both of her games. Molly Chinery (134-120) had a win in game two for the T-Birds, as well.


A strong performance in the regular games guided Southgate Anderson to a victory over Gibraltar Carlson.

Anderson led 6-4 after the opening baker games, outscoring Carlson 279 to 247 combined. The Titans though made hay in the pair of regular series with seven individual victories and tallying more pins than the Marauders in both series (1260 to 1162).

A trio of Anderson bowlers — Hailey DuPuie (139-119), Brandy Thompson (125-127), and Britney Manning (115-144) — all won both of their games on Monday. Isabella Rosamond (129-118) had a win in the first series as well for the Titans.

Carlson meanwhile got a win from Olivia Paolucci (124-130) in the first series and wins from Jordan Monroe (116-138) and Hannah Krolak (109-132) in the second series.

The Allen Park girls’ team was in attendance at Monday’s league meet. The squad did not compete in the position-play matches but the Jags were Thunderbowl and held an intra-squad scrimmage.

FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS (points won – points lost)

1. Wyandotte Roosevelt (14 – 3)

2. Taylor High (13.5 – 3.5)

3. Lincoln Park (12 – 5)

4. Trenton (9 – 8)

5. Woodhaven (8.5 – 8.5)

6. Dearborn Edsel Ford (7.5 – 9.5)

7. Southgate Anderson (6.5 – 10.5)

8. Gibraltar Carlson (4 – 13)

9. Allen Park (2 – 15)

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