By Dan McCarthy

Walkinshaw Andretti United has unveiled the livery of Chaz Mostert’s ZB Commodore which he will race with in 2022.

The eye-catching Optus and Mobil 1 sponsored black, white and turquoise machine will stand out on the race track.

For the 29th consecutive season Mobil 1 remains with the team and will retain its traditional spot on the bonnet of the #25 machine.

In 2022 Optus increased their presence, moving to co-naming rights partner for 2022.

“It’s awesome to finally show off the wheels for 2022, the Mobil 1 Optus Racing #25 looks amazing,” Mostert said.

“Of course, having Mobil 1 on the bonnet is iconic and it is a brand I’m really proud to represent, but also to now have Optus alongside them is really cool, we started an awesome relationship last year, and I’m looking forward to saying yes more than ever this year.

“The really cool thing about Walkinshaw Andretti United is how big of a family it is, including our entire partner group – their support and loyalty is incredible.

“It’s amazing to see the long-term relationships like Morris, PPG and of course Mobil 1; I’m really proud to represent them all this year.

“Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Mobil 1 Optus Racing No. 25 now, and get the year underway.”

Although no longer a co-naming rights partner on car #25, Appliances Online remained with the team in 2022 to continue the relationship that started in 2019.

WAU Team Principal Bruce Stewart is happy with the Mostert livery.

“We are delighted to reveal the Mobil 1 Optus Racing #25 to the world,” Stewart said.

“The iconic Mobil 1 on a white bonnet, and then the Optus on the sides of the car really make it a standout, and I’m sure fans will agree.

“The loyalty of Mobil 1 over 29 years is incredible, and now to have Optus as a Co-Naming Rights Partner for 2022 is fantastic. They were amazing supporters of ours in 2021, and I can’t wait to see what we achieve together moving forwards.

“Once again, I can’t speak highly enough of our entire partner group and the support they’ve shown to our Team, to have so many returning once again is a credit to them, and something we are proud of.

“You look at partnerships like what we have with Morris, who are now in their 12th year with the team, and it’s pretty incredible to think about.

“A special thanks as well must go out to Appliances Online who have been a wonderful supporter of our team since 2019, it’s great they continue with us in 2022.

“Now, let’s get this season underway!”

Morris enters its 12th year with the team this year, increasing their support once again.

Joining them as platinum partners are NTI, Goodyear Autocare, and Amarok W580.

As announced yesterday, Isuzu Trucks, Supercheap Auto and Anthem Workwear have joined the team.

Mostert will have his first drive for 2022 at the pre-season test day next Tuesday at Winton Motor Raceway.

For more of the latest motorsport news pick up the current issue of Auto Action.

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