By Dan McCarthy

During the Race Tasmania weekend, several Garry Rogers Motorsport TCR cars were involved in significant accidents which has left the team with a lot of work to get the cars repaired for the second round at Phillip Island.

Firstly, Kody Garland crashed his Renault Megane TCR car on the approach to the Turn 4 hairpin in practice (above), the significance of the impact ruling him out of the weekend.

On Sunday both James Moffat and Dylan O’Keeffe were involved in separate accidents at the final turn, with Moff’s Megane requiring significant repairs.

Team Principal Barry Rogers highlighted that the Meganes, although badly damaged, would be back on track in less than a month.

“They are not a write off, thankfully,” he told Auto Action. “One of the strengths of GRM is our fabrication department and they’re certainly hard at it at the moment.”

“The cars got unloaded here on Monday after Race Tasmania and since then the grinder has been out and the damaged sections have been removed. They’re certainly well into the process of being repaired, they will be ready for Phillip Island.”

Garland’s car suffered significant front damage, while Moff’s was significant at the tail of the car.

“Kody’s is really replacing the body work from the A-pillar forward,” Rogers said.

“Then ancillary type things – you know, the damper sensors and gearbox damage where the drive shaft has gone into it. As much as you say the word cosmetic, it’s very, very severe cosmetic, but not structural.

“The whole rear of Moff’s car is done … it’s pretty much a cut and shut, cut the old back off it and shut a new back on,; new roof skin as well.

“The back of those cars they are made to impact from a road car sense, so they all collapse the way they do I suppose. The bar work again is alright in that car, –thank the tire wall for that one.”

Rogers expressed his frustration at the racing quality on the weekend, not due to his damaged cars, but because the fans had to sit back and watch so many laps under Safety Car conditions.

“If you want my honest thoughts, the driving quality – probably particularly TCR and Trans-Am, you know – there’s some driving that you’d like to not see repeated again, put it that way,” he said.

I feel for the fans. I know they like to see a bit of biff and barge but they don’t go to see a Safety Car drive around and around and around … they go to pay and watch motor racing!

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