Build confidence with Indulge Fitness’ classes in aerial acrobatics and pole dancing

Build confidence with Indulge Fitness’ classes in aerial acrobatics and pole dancing – [225]

Diamonique James believes a workout benefits more than your physical health.

The owner of Indulge Fitness enjoys seeing her clients’ self-confidence bloom in an inclusive and empowering space.

“I love women of all different backgrounds being able to come together and have a peaceful, powerful environment,” James says.

The fitness studio opened in the Broadmoor area in March 2015, offering classes in aerial silks and lyra hoop, pole dancing and flexibility. The goal was to provide a unique workout but also encourage participants to believe in their inner strength. The class has been particularly empowering for women. But James says anyone can learn how to do aerial silks and pole dancing, and the studio is open to offering classes for all genders

James, utilizing her aerial silks training from LSU, calls the workouts “beautiful, expressive ways to stay healthy.”

“I personally lost over 30 pounds by doing only the exercises offered at Indulge Fitness,” she says. “Aerial silks and pole dancing were more appealing ways to burn calories than traditional workouts. You often don’t realize how many calories you’re burning because it’s so much fun.”

James says a one-hour class burns about 400 calories, builds muscle and improves flexibility. Plus, the inclusive environment welcomes everyone, no matter their skill level.

Instructor Bre’Lyn Calhoun

James says many clients come in thinking the skills will be impossible, but after accomplishing a few moves, they return to each class motivated to learn more.

After signing up online and filling out the necessary paperwork, participants are asked to come to class with no lotion on their skin (for better grip) and wearing shorts (for pole dancing) or leggings (for aerial silks). A certified instructor starts with a beginner-friendly stretch followed by a tutorial on climbing the pole or silks for upper body strength and body awareness. Then, clients learn poses or choreography for their individual skill level.

All five of Indulge Fitness’ experienced instructors put the clients’ needs and strengths first to make each class rewarding, James adds.

“We believe diversity is a strength,” she says, “giving clients many classes and options to choose which classes fit their personal needs best.”

Owner Diamonique James

Why pole dancing workouts?

Regular practice improvements:

  • coordination
  • Upper body strength
    Abdominal muscle toning
  • Self-perception and self-esteem

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of 225 magazine.

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