MHS tennis coach talks new programs outlook ahead of March 10 opener

MARSHALL – It’s not just about bees anymore.

“When I asked them day one if they had ever picked up a racket, they said, ‘Only to hit beehives with,'” said Madeline Trilling, coach of the newly formed Madison High tennis team.

Just a couple weeks later, Trilling said her players now appear as if they’ve been involved with the sport for years.

A lot of it comes from hard work, the coach said.

“We are literally only five or six practices later, and they have worked so hard,” said Trilling, whose players call her “Coach T.” “I’ve had to kick them off the courts multiple nights at 9 pm, and practice starts at 3:30 pm They have come so far.”

Trilling, a 2006 Madison graduate and former Lady Patriots athlete, said it has been a rewarding experience to come back to her alma mater and coach.

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