Gabby Logan BBC Six Nations presenter: Her family tragedy, rugby star husband and IVF agony

Gabby Logan is the new lead presenter of the BBC’s Six Nations coverage this year after the departure of John Inverdale.

Logan is 48 and has been a sports broadcaster since 1996 when she started at Sky Sports before joining ITV.

She really shot to prominence when fronting the On The Ball football show on ITV, going on to present the channel’s Champions League coverage.

Logan joined the BBC in 2007, initially hosting football coverage before becoming part of the Six Nations team in 2008. She was also the lead anchor for the BBC’s athletics coverage. She has also presented the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show since 2013.

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Family tragedy

Logan was formerly known as Gabby Yorath and is the daughter of former Wales football manager Terry Yorath.

In 1992, her 15-year-old brother Daniel died after collapsing from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy while playing football with her dad in his garden.

She previously said: “We had no warning. He had a congenital heart defect which meant that from the outside and ostensibly his fitness was just beyond you know. He was in the top 0.00 per cent. His heart was enlarged and basically was about to give way and pack up on him but there were no signs at all.

“He was never breathless. When he did die, he died in the garden playing football with my dad. He was just kicking the ball about and keeled over.

“It was absolutely cataclysmic. It was like a sledgehammer coming down and shattering the family into a million pieces. It defined the rest of our youth and has defined how the family has gone on from those years and it leaves its mark in many ways. It was a really hard time for everybody and to this day the ramifications are still there.”

She credits dealing with the aftermath of such an awful event as something that drove her on to have a successful career.

“A series of things have happened in my life. My brother dying, at a very young age, you know I was 19 he was 15. That was a moment where, you know, I saw how powerful that can be and how my parents both reacted very differently.

“When my brother died, I definitely had a sense that I had to have a purpose. And so I didn’t know what that purpose was, but I felt like I had to have purpose in what I did, which goes back to dynamism , I guess.”

Terry Yorath has previously revealed the tragedy made him turn to drink and cost him his marriage.

The Welsh footballing legend narrowly escaped jail in 2004 after he was sentenced for crashing into a woman in his Jaguar X-type while three times over the drink drive limit.

In court he blamed his “stupidity” on his personal heartache, and he confessed he drowned his sorrows in heavy drinking sessions which led to the breakdown of his 33-year marriage to childhood sweetheart Christine.

He said: “I enjoyed being with Daniel and it was mutual. He was the light of my life.

“At first I thought I could control my own grief. I didn’t want to share it with anyone. I didn’t want to communicate, even at home. I would wrap myself in silence. Christine tried to get through to me but You just want to close your eyes and your ears and follow your nose.

“Maybe I am not brave enough to go to counseling in case it hurts more. And I think I don’t really want to leave my grief behind, even though it doesn’t do my life any good. The picture I have in my mind of Daniel falling torments me, but just before he fell was the last time I saw him alive.”

Marriage and kids

Gabby married former Scotland international rugby union player Kenny Logan on July 19, 2001.

The couple have twins, Reuben and Lois, who were conceived after IVF treatment and are now 16.

She has recently spoken of the pain she endured going through IVF, telling fertility podcast Making Babies: “It was probably three years from trying naturally to having IVF.

“The whole process of the IVF was stressful, we treated it like a sports schedule. I was trying to see it as a treatment almost.”

She added: “Then on how many days after I was supposed to be getting a blood test, I bled that day and I decided that was it and I wasn’t having a baby.

“Kenny was in Glasgow and wasn’t able to come with me. The doctor said ‘go and get your blood test done anyway’.

“I woke up and there was blood but there was enough for me to decide that was it.”

She added: “But we found out that I was pregnant and I didn’t have a miscarriage.”

As the daughter of Wales international Terry Yorath, Gabby had sport running through her veins. She is pictured her as a four-year-old, with dad Terry, mum Christine,sister Louise, three, and brother Daniel, who later died

Gabby was full of praise for Kenny for being so supportive throughout the baby journey.

She said initially they were told by medics neither of them had any problems and that the ex-rugby star had all the checks before he proposed.

Gabby said: “He went for a full medical about his sperm. Because of rugby he had been kicked a lot down there and would occasionally have some blood, so he was a bit paranoid that there was something wrong with him.

“He didn’t tell me this, that he had done this. He didn’t want to propose to me and say ‘I’m infertile’.

“So he did that a few months before.”

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