Three Forza Horizon 5 Cars Finish Race At Same Time In Rare Encounter

A recent Forza Horizon 5 clip sees three players crossing the finish line at the exact same time, resulting in a remarkable three-way tie.

In an extremely unusual encounter, three players of Forza Horizon 5 managed to finish a race at the same time. The open-world driving game developed by Playground Games contains tons of content for players to enjoy. Set in Mexico, players can roam the land and get involved in solo or multiplayer content. The freedom of the open world and the positive energy found throughout the game makes Forza Horizon 5 one of the most joyful video games on the market today. Driving solo across the map is certainly an enjoyable experience, but many players prefer to get competitive in multiplayer racing games.


Playing with friends can be experienced in the open world by inviting others into a ‘convoy’ of up to twelve players, or drivers can compete against other racers competitively in PVP events. Forza Horizon 5 supports cross-play between PC and Xbox users so there is never a shortage of competition. The word competition usually implies that there is a winner, but in some racing games, it is possible for players to cross the finish line at the same time.

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While it’s not very common to tie in a racing game, it can happen. Unfortunately for some, in the event of a tie, one driver may be considered the winner, while the other is awarded second place. This caused one user to lose when another Forza Horizon 5 racer landed on top of them seconds before the finish line. In a different Reddit post by user Great_Candy7476, the player shares a video of them experiencing an even more substantial tie in Forza Horizon 5, only in this case, there are three cars that cross the finish line at the same time. In what was likely a very frustrating end to a race, the player recording the tie was awarded third place.

with Forza Horizon 5 measuring racing times down to the millisecond, it seems almost impossible for racers to tie with the exact same time. The leaderboard at the end of the video shows that all three racers finished with a time of 02:41.529. It’s unclear if, in the event of a tie, a winner is chosen at random, or if the positioning of the three Forza Horizon 5 cars was indeed different on a scale too minute for the game to display. One comment on the post suggested that the pole positioning might have to do with the starting position of the racers, but that is certainly not confirmed.

Of course, this is an extremely rare event, so players shouldn’t feel too disheartened by not winning. With over 500 different vehicles available in Forza Horizon 5 that can be upgraded to improve performance, there is surely an edge to be gained that could shave off those few milliseconds and win the number one spot.

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Source: Great_Candy7476/Reddit

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