Investigation underway following large brawl at Rock Hill bowling alley

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) – The York County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a large fight that broke out at a Rock Hill bowling alley on Friday.

The brawl took place Feb. 18 around 11 pm at the Strikers Bowling Alley off Anderson Road.

YCSO says several people were seen by employees, patrons and deputies involved in the fight.

One of those patrons was Josh Smith. He says he couldn’t believe his eyes. About 20 or more people fighting for a few minutes inside this bowling alley. He says thankfully an off-duty deputy was able to call for backup and get the situation under control pretty quickly.

He describes the place as good family fun most of the time, but the scene he caught on camera last Friday was anything but.

”It was actually my turn up and everything was calm like it usually is and I do my bowl then I hear screaming and yelling. Then I turn around and see chairs flying and fists being thrown,” says Smith.

Smith recorded the whole thing—playing out like a WWE match right in front of him.

”There were a lot of kids in there that probably were, it scared them. I mean a lot of families and a lot of older people. What was going through their minds was probably not the same thing that was going through mine. It probably scared them to death,” he says.

Detectives are asking for help from anyone who has information about the fight or anyone involved.

York County Sheriff’s Office responded to the fight but spokesperson Trent Faris said Sheriff Kevin Tolson wanted to take it a step further—posting on Facebook and calling out parents.

On Saturday, YCSO Sheriff Kevin Tolson shared the original video that is now deleted, saying “Hey parents – where are you? This should not have happened. Do you know where your kid is – do you know what they’re doing? Watch this video. This is not a police problem, it is a parent problem. Wake up and make them responsible so law enforcement does not have to!”

“It was really disturbing to Sheriff Tolson. His message to folks on Facebook was one of concern like… Why did this happen in the first place?” says Faris.

Tolson calls it a parent problem—parents not knowing what their kids are getting into, but he also calls it a police problem as deputies try to piece together why the fight happened.

“It’s a family business. People come there to go bowling and have a good time and a fight like that shouldn’t have broken out,” says Faris.

The York County Sheriff’s Office says it is looking through video to see who started the fight and figure out what sparked it. If you have any information, give the sheriff’s office a call.

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