Terrifying moment acrobats plunge from 30ft as circus show abruptly ended

The horrifying moment acrobats plunged from their mid-air suspension at a Midland circus event last night has been revealed by audience members. Spectators were urged to leave the venue after the performance of Circus of Horrors was abruptly ended last night.

Kayleigh Burton and her partner Kev Coles, 43, were on the front row. 33 year old Kayleigh was at the event in Hanley, in Staffordshire, and has now spoken out.

She told StokeonTrentLive: “We arrived around 6.45pm. We got our tickets scanned and went through. I bought a vest that I liked. The show was amazing. We immediately sat down. One of the girls who fell was the one who introduced the show in the beginning. She was funny and engaging. We really enjoyed the show.

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“It was 10 minutes into the second bit of the act where they were doing a stunt. They seemed perfectly fine. They were both so talented. We were sitting at the front and all of a sudden, without any pre-warning either, they both dropped to the floor. We could feel the bang when they dropped. They didn’t move.

“We had around 35 minutes of the show left. It seems like a freak accident. We could hear whimpering and crying – it was awful. Some of the other cast members ran over. Lots of people were wondering if it’s part of the act. All the audience were shocked. They were silent.

“My initial reaction was shock and I stared for a while. I did think it was part of the show. It was going on for too long and then I didn’t think it was part of the show. My partner noticed a guitarist pulling his earpiece out. Kev said ‘I think this is real’. Some of the other circle members were making a human shield around them on the floor. That’s when it became evident it wasn’t part of the show.”

She continued: “This was really bad. The venue staff told everyone to leave through the exits and go to the auditorium. Everyone left. We went outside because it was very warm and cramped. Around 10 minutes later there was an announcement saying due to the incident the show isn’t going to be going on and it’s cancelled.

“I’m assuming it’s to do with a refund or rescheduling which is nothing that at no point we even worried about. Some people seem to only be worried about a refund which is disheartening. My partner and I don’t want a refund. If it isn’t rescheduled, just keep the money and we hope the girls are okay. If it is then we’d love to go again and see the whole show. When we started to walk away we saw a paramedic car swinging around the building around 9.30pm.”

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