A look at last week’s results

Sebastian Pierce punished the pins with persistent pounding to produce the overall high game (279) in Red Apple Center bowling league action last week.

Pierce — a youth bowler in the Junior Pros — edged Bill McGuire (Wednesday Mixers) by one pin.

When it came to the overall high series, David Hale (Wednesday Mixer) refused to fail, nailing the top total of 699. In fact, Hale also recorded the second-high series (678) while competing in the Wednesday Mixers group.

On the women’s side, Kimberly Gardner (Merchants) snapped off the week’s high game of 232, edging Ashley Rucker (Merchants) with 227.

But, Rucker dominated in the female high series category, recorded 624 (Merchants) and 604 (Guys & Dolls).

In addition …

Only eight pins separated the top four high game scores in Merchants play — Rick Hunter (266), Tyrus Nelson (258), Mike Hackmann (257) and Brent Mahan (257). … Sam Fanning harvested the women’s high game (224) in Wednesday Mixers, while Julie Fulton tallied the women’s high series (555). … Scott Parks outlasted Hale for the high game in Guys & Dolls (241 to 236). … Parks swept the Guys & Dolls’ main honors with the high series (644). … Pierce rolled the high series (635) in Junior Pros. … Trinity McCloud came through with the girls’ high game (77) and high series (201) in Junior Pros. … Floyd Pond hammered out 213 to post the high game in the Elks Pizza and Beer League, while Bill Lindgren came through with the high series (538). … Shelby Stuckey nailed down the high game (180) and the high series (435) in the women’s competition of the Elks Pizza and Beer League.

Following are last week’s leagues’ leaderboards.

Wednesday Mixers

Men’s high scratch game: Bill McGuire, 278; David Hale, 257; Shawn Brown, 245.

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