‘I would KO Conor in boxing or MMA’

Jake Paul’s obsession with the UFC, Dana White and Conor McGregor refuses to die down and he now has a new offer for the UFC president.

Back in January, Paul said he’d immediately retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC if White agreed to a set of conditions, which included better fighter pay and long-term health care.

Paul has always believed he will get a fight with McGregor

Those round of back-and-forths with White included Paul asking the UFC boss to take a drug test in exchange for him doing the same.

This time, Paul wants to fight McGregor either inside a boxing ring or an MMA cage.

“Dana – since you like me now, how about a 1-fight deal to fight Conor,” Paul stated.

“If I win, you agree to my UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal.

“If I lose, I donate my entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than [$50,000] a fight and never mention UFC again. deal?”

White must be interested in Paul never mentioning UFC again, but the health reforms are probably far less tantalising.

Paul’s renewed desire to fight McGregor stems from the Irishman posting video of himself back in boxing training following his broken leg in July last year.

“I would KO Conor in boxing or MMA. Right hand of God,” Paul commented.

McGregor responded with another video on social media where he simply referred to Paul as a ‘jackass’ and the Irishman has stated several times he thinks a fight with the YouTuber turned boxer is beneath him.

McGregor is the all-time box office sensation in MMA and no one is even close to his records. Even in the boxing world, his bout with Floyd Mayweather stands as the second-most lucrative bout ever.

However, the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan, have certainly had an impact on modern boxing and have brought some of their 23 million plus fans over from YouTube in the process.

Paul has continuously criticized White on fighter pay among other things

Paul has continuously criticized White on fighter pay among other things

In reality, whether a cage or a boxing ring, a fight between McGregor and Paul is a strange one to make. McGregor is 5-foot-9 and the highest weight he’s fought at in his career is 170lbs. Paul is a big, about 200lb 6-foot-1. There’s multiple weight classes between them.

The question would be the same as with Mayweather and Logan Paul: Can McGregor’s class and quality close the physical gap? The aforementioned fight showed that’s not the best experiment.

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