Eddie Hall leaves X-rated note in hotel gym for boxing rival Thor Bjornsson

Hall has left a brutal X-rated warning message to bitter rival Bjornsson in his hotel room in Dubai, vowing to “smash his face” and branding him “numbnuts” with the pair set to meet in the ring

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Thor Bjornsson Talks Eddie Hall Fight

Eddie Hall has left strongman rival Thor Bjornsson a warning message threatening to “smash his face in” ahead of their boxing clash.

The British star is preparing to finally settle his grudge with Bjornsson despite facing a long-wait to face him after pulling out of their previous date with a detached bicep.

Both Hall and Bjornsson have expressed their dislike for each other and have traded verbal jabs in the build-up to their big fight.

Hall left an X-rated message for Bjornsson in the hotel gym with the pair now both in Dubai on a whiteboard, which said: “To Thor/ Numbnuts. Just wanted to wish you all the best and look forward to smashing your face in/ correcting your face on Saturday.

“Keep dribbling. Tell your yes men they are doing a great job of fooling you into believing you’re any good and gargling your man muck.

Eddie Hall left Thor Bjornsson a note in their hotel gym in Dubai

“Big love your old double dipping friend. Beast.”

Hall had been training just before Bjornsson in the hotel with the pair yet to come face-to-face despite training in Dubai for the fight.

Bjornsson quickly hit back in his reaction, when he showed the board on his YouTube video: “Team s**** Hall. You will receive the beating so many because you to get on Saturday. You one tournament wonder. HJB No.1 .

The pair have frequently exchanged unpleasant words about each other in the build-up to the rescheduled date and have both promised explosive stoppage victories.

An intense rivalry between the pair has originated back to their contesting for the Worlds Strongest Man with a heated confrontation in 2017 igniting a war of words.

Bjornsson has already competed in the ring three times in his recent boxing journey, most recently stopping arm wrestler Devon Larratt in the opening round back in September.

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Larratt stepped in as a late notice replacement for Hall who has had injury struggles going into the fight including a chest infection most recently.

However the Icelandic star has warned his rival that he will be “f****** disappointed” if he was to pull out at late notice.

“I am super excited to go to Dubai, everything is coming together,” Bjornsson said. “A lot of people are commenting online saying ‘what is Eddie’s next excuse going to be next?’

“I am that confident going into this fight that I am not worried about any of the traveling, It is just going to make me stronger.

“I hope that he is not going to pull out of this fight again with a new injury, Eddie we are this close just train smart, remember to rest and don’t get injured. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me but I would be f****** f****** disappointed because I want to beat your a**.

“You can’t do that man for the fans and for the people. He actually said last time that he was willing to fight injured so there is no excuses now Eddie.”

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