Hafthor Björnsson Shares Boxing Workout Before Eddie Hall Match

Hafthor Björnsson conquered every challenge he faced in the world of strongman–he won just about every major competition, including the Arnold Classic three times, Europe’s Strongest Man five times, and the World’s Strongest Man title in 2018–but his final feat was instrumental in the next steps of his athletic career.

The 6’9” Björnsson, known as ‘The Mountain’ from his role as Ser Gregor Clegane on HBO’s Game of Thrones, deadlifted 501 kilograms (abut 1,104 pounds) in April 2020. After the successful lift, which was the heaviest deadlift recorded, Björnsson immediately challenged rival strongman Eddie Hall to a boxing match. The next chapter was ready to start—so Björnsson would need to transform himself into a fighter.

He spent much of the next two-odd years losing weight and building up his endurance and boxing skills to accomplish his goal of being ready for a September 2021 grudge match with Hall. Björnsson morphed from a massive hulking strongman into a more lithe (but still imposing) athlete–but the fight was delayed when Hall suffered a freak ruptured biceps injury during his own training. Undeterred, Björnsson defeated a sub, armwrestling champ Devon Larratt on the originally planned date of the match and pledged to keep training to face Hall after he recovered.

Björnsson has used the extra time to become a more complete fighter. “I’ve been working on everything: my boxing ability, my boxing IQ, my boxing combinations—everything, there’s not one thing I haven’t been working on,” he told the MH crew when we caught up with Björnsson during the 2022 Arnold Classic. “If there’s one thing that sometimes people might complement me for it’s my footwork.”

Now, the rescheduled match with Hall is nearly here. The two will finally meet in the ring on March 19 in Dubai, bringing more than two years of bad blood and the public feud to an endpoint. You can watch the fight for free on Segi TV at 3:30 pm EST–but first, check out one of Björnsson’s training sessions.

Hafthor Bjornsson’s Boxing Prep Workout

warm up

    10 to 12 minutes

    Boxing Drills

      6 to 10 rounds or 3 minutes

      Conditioning Circuit

        1 minute

          1 minute

            1 minute

              1 minute

                3 minutes

                Abs Workouts

                  2 to 3 40 second sets

                  • Medball Back-to-Back Partner

                    2 to 3 40 second sets

                      2 to 3 40 second sets

                        2 to 3 40 second sets

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