Ryff Partners with Triple-B Media for Brand Integration in 10,000 Hours of TV Content |

Partnership with streaming player is a “time machine” for brands

LOS ANGELESMarch 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ryff, whose AI-powered technology is changing product placement forever, announced a partnership with FAST channel creator Triple-B Media that will let advertisers integrate products in more than 10,000 hours of television content.

The partnership makes it simpler to work with brands that don’t have the budget for full product placement.

As consumers avoid ads at greater rates, brands have turned to content as a way to get their products in front of the right audience. But product placement can be time-consuming, expensive, and error prone, meaning that only certain brands and content creators can take advantage of it. Ryff solves that problem with 3D technology inspired by the world of gaming; new products can be inserted digitally without the need for post-production, as simply as a gamer could change out armor.

As a creator and operator of free, ad supported television networks with distribution around the world, Triple-B Media has a growing portfolio of single sport and single genre channels that can now tap into the Ryff technology and further monetize its content catalog. For example, Billiard TV can now place a virtual product on the set of one of Billiard TV’s professional championships or place a lacrosse stick on its Lacrosse Sports Network channel. “The key to Ryff is that we have this time machine for brands,” says Garry Edwards, Chief Revenue Officer at Ryff. “Regardless of where the content was made and regardless of when it was made, we can go back and backfill — with Triple-B, we can repurpose existing laser-targeted content for brands.”

Ryff approaches the world of product placement from a unique vantage point: the founders have experience in gaming, graphic hardware, and film. Its Placer platform ingests content such as a television episode, and its AI-driven Scene Intelligence software analyzes the content for moments when products make sense to appear, such as a billiards table for a can of beer. Ryff then inserts 3D models of the product in place and renders them to match lighting and cinematography, so they look like they belong there.

For Triple-B, the deal makes it simpler to work with brands that don’t have the budget for full product placement.

“We are always looking for unique and interesting opportunities to integrate brands into our channels and Ryff offers a great solution,” said Brendan Canning, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Triple-B Media. “Product placement is the answer, but historically not for smaller brands. This technology has opened the playing field for brands regardless of project budgets.” It will also eventually use the technology to insert sponsors into footage as it happens live.

Triple-B Media properties include: FTF Sports, Lacrosse Sports Network, Billiard TV, MotoAmerica TV, ACL Cornhole TV, Boxing TV and Fido TV. With thousands of hours of library and live content with very specific demographics clearly defined, Triple-B is a natural fit for programmatic use — so a beverage company could insert one drink in a lacrosse game, and another in a billiards match.


Ryff is part of a new breed of Hollywood players, rewriting product placement rules using proprietary AI technology. They can virtually insert products into fully mastered and edited content. This is not VFX. The Ryff solution is inexpensive and practically immediate. Welcome to the future of brand integration.


Triple-B Media has a growing portfolio of free ad-supported television networks, including FTF Sports, Lacrosse Sports Network, Billiard TV, MotoAmerica TV, ACL Cornhole TV, Boxing TV and Fido TV. Triple-B Media networks are distributed worldwide on major FAST and virtual MVPD platforms. The Company also operates its own digital platform called Streamstak at www.streamstak.com.

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