Batman Beyond’s Version of Catwoman Would Destroy the Original

While Selina Kyle has proven she’s world-class thief and a skilled fighter, she would be absolutely destroyed by Batman Beyond’s version of Catwoman.

While the original catwoman has proven herself to hold her own alongside Batman in terms of speed, acrobatics, and even fighting ability, she would be absolutely destroyed by her Batman Beyond counterpart as the futuristic version of Catwoman has an ability that the original could never hope to gain.

Selina Kyle aka Catwoman created her now iconic alter ego in part because of her love of cats but also because she is a world-class cat burglar. Even though she doesn’t exactly have superpowers, Selina is at peak human condition in regards to her strength, speed, reflexes and agility, and she uses all of those skills to pull off seemingly impossible heists while also lending a hand to battle supervillains alongside Batman from time to time. The same can be said for Batman Beyond‘s Catwoman, who is introduced as an antagonist for Terry McGinnis but a few issues later ends up fighting by his side. While the two versions of Catwoman share striking similarities, the future version of the character has a significant advantage over Selina if the two ever somehow fought each other.


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In Batman Beyond #2 by Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin, the new and improved version of Catwoman is introduced for the first time in this series and immediately presents a problem for Terry McGinnis. While patrolling the city, Terry spots someone trying to break into the building of a tech company to steal incredibly valuable technology. When Batman flies over to stop her, she launches an attack and outmaneuvers him like it’s nothing, all before vanishing into the night. While this exhibition of her skills was impressive, it wasn’t until Batman Beyond #4 that readers get to see exactly what this version of Catwoman is truly capable of. In that issue, Catwoman is attempting to sell the tech she stole to a deadlier copycat of the classic Batman villain Hush, a copycat who was later revealed to be a clone of Dick Grayson. However, Hush double crosses Catwoman and attempts to kill her, prompting Catwoman to display her incredible powers of duplication as she creates eight more versions of herself to fight back against her assailant, living up to the famous ‘cats have nine lives’ idiom.

Catwoman would lose to her Batman Beyond counterpart.

The reason behind Catwoman’s powers in Batman Beyond lies entirely with the identity of her father, Danton Black aka Multiplex. Multiplex is a lesser known Batman villain who had the power to self duplicate, and it seems as though he passed that power down to his daughter who is putting them to use continuing, and even surpassing, the established legacy created by the original Catwoman.

While Selina Kyle is a skilled fighter, Black proved herself to be just as skilled when going toe-to-toe against both Terry McGinnis’ Batman and a perfect clone of Dick Grayson. Plus, with her duplication powers, Black would assuredly overwhelm Kyle and eventually come out on top. Using the powers passed down to her by her father, along with her proven combat skills, Batman Beyond‘s catwoman would absolutely destroy the original.

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