BGT viewers slam judges as ‘incredible’ acrobatics act denied Golden Buzzer on ITV show

Britain’s Got Talent viewers have been left stunned that an “incredible” and “out of this world” acrobatics act wasn’t given a Golden Buzzer by the judges on the latest episode.

The auditions shown on ITV tonight included one by the Freaks, a troupe of acrobats from Austria who impressed viewers with their “daring” performance on the show.

The group were seen flying through the air, with a young member having been dropped from a significant height at one point in the act – before being caught by others.

The judges voted the act through to the semi-finals, though viewers were shocked that the group weren’t given one of the remaining golden buzzers for the audition.

The Freaks impressed viewers and the judges on BGT earlier tonight

“They were easily the best audition of the series so far. Why is no one giving them golden buzzer?” asked one viewer. Others expressed similar sentiments on Twitter tonight.

Another tweeted: “The fact they didn’t get a golden buzzer just proves [the panel] couldn’t judge a dog show.” One fan questioned: “Why did they not get a gold buzzer?”

“What no golden buzzer for the Freaks?” asked one fan alongside #confused. Another said: “Omg. How the hell did they not get the golden buzzer? Wtf. They were amazing.”

Another viewer said that it was an “injustice” that an act so “creative” wasn’t rewarded with a golden buzzer, with them criticizing the judges over the decision.

The group, including a young member, were seen flying through the air in the audition
The group, including a young member, were seen flying through the air in the audition

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Sharing their thoughts on social media, one viewer tweeted: “Simon made the Freaks seem like they were getting the golden buzzer, I’m sure they thought so too. Yikes.”

“How wasn’t that a golden buzzer? Wow. Absolutely amazing. Never seen anything like that,” another said. one asked: “ Golden buzzer stopped working for that last act?”

Another wrote: Omg how did they let that go without a golden buzzer?” It was suggested by another that the judges shouldn’t have “wasted” a golden buzzer on a previous act.

Fans were confused why the judges didn't give a golden buzzer to the act
Fans were confused why the judges didn’t give a golden buzzer to the act

Others said that they couldn’t believe and were “surprised” the act didn’t get a golden buzzer. Praise for the Freaks included that they were “incredible, daring and unique.”

“Best act I’ve seen in years on BGT. That was very very good. Deserved the golden buzzer,” said one fan. Others said they were “out of this world” and “so talented.”

The judging panel includes Simon Cowell, 62, Alesha Dixon, 43, Amanda Holden, 51, and David Walliams, 50. Three golden buzzers have already been used, with just two left.

Britain’s Got Talent continues next Saturday (May 7) on ITV. You can catch up on previous episodes through ITV Hub.

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