ARCA car owner blasts Drew Dollar after Kansas crash (Video)

Billy Venturini didn’t hold back anything after his car got wrecked by his former driver; They traded more words via social media on Monday

On Saturday, the ARCA Menards Series took the green flag at Kansas Speedway. It brought drama as the leaders wrecked in the closing stages of the race.

Watch the video of the ARCA crash below.

Corey Heim, driver of the Venturini Motorsports #20 was the dominant car for most of the day. However, a restart with 43 to go, provided an opportunity to change that.

Drew Dollar drove it deep to the inside in turn one. They remained side by side for the lead off turn two.

Into turn three, Dollar nosed slightly ahead. He drove it deep to the bottom again, in an attempt to clear the car on his outside. However, Heim hung onto his right rear.

Dollar got loose, he chased it up the banking in turn four and slammed both cars into the outside wall. Both cars were destroyed.

Kansas Race Results: May 14, 2022 (ARCA Menards Series)

Billy Venturini comments

“Well, I mean, I know how David Gilliland feels. Drew wrecks all your shit when he’s driving for you then he wrecks it all when he’s driving against ya,” Billy Venturini told Fox Sports.

“So, I can understand why he punched him in the eye over at Bristol last year. Just typical, bonehead move by Drew.”

“He’s killed a couple of my cars here. Now, he’s killed one he wasn’t driving. Just look at it, pure lack of talent.”

The team owner for Corey Heim concluded, “Great kid, does not need to be a race car driver. He’s got a lot of other thing he could probably do to make a good living.”

Drew Dollar previously drove for Venturini Motorsports.

Corey Heim comments

“I gave him plenty of room, I thought,” stated 19-year-old Corey Heim.

“You know, we were side by side and racing pretty hard. But, I race Drew with a lot of respect, he’s a close friend of mine. Yeah, I don’t know, it just looks like he lost it.”

Heim added, “That’s just part of it. I don’t think he did it on purpose. He’s trying to go for the win, it is what it is.”

Drew Dollar comments

“Just a racing incident really,” Drew Dollar commented.

“I made a mistake that took us out of it. It’s tough when someone’s on your outside. It was obviously just a racing deal, a mistake.”

“I hate that I ruined Corey’s day. I hate that I did that for the guys, obviously, it’s a car capable of winning and I messed it up.”

Dollar added, “But, I hate that happened with Corey. I obviously got a lot of respect for him and I’ll talk to him and apologize. He’s a good race car driver so I’m sorry about that.”

Drew Dollar and Billy Venturini trade comments on twitter

Later in the week, Drew Dollar posted a screenshot of Billy Venturini’s stats from his ARCA Menards Series racing career. Billy raced in the series for 14 years from 1994-2007.

Dollar added with the screenshot, “Talk about a “pure lack of talent!” Guess it took this guy about 14 years to figure out he didn’t need to be a race car driver.”

Venturini responds to the tweet, “Took you 2 days to come up with a reply? Who did you employ to give you this comeback?”

NASCAR Xfinity Series team president Steve Carnes also added in a response to Dollar, “Did you wreck typing this?”

Drew Dollar wrecks Corey Heim


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