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The Half Moon Bay beach volleyball team was up for some tough competition on May 8 at the Interscholastic Beach Volleyball League Northern California High School Championships held on a windy, misty weekend down in Santa Cruz.

The tournament consisted of 14 top schools from Northern California.

“As beach volleyball becomes more and more popular in high schools and in the NCAA, we’re seeing the level of competition in Northern California continue to rise,” said head coach Mike Inglis in an email to the Review. and it’s going to be a very competitive tournament today.”

In beach volleyball duals, each school brings a squad of three pairs identified as Pair 1, Pair 2 and Pair 3. Pair 1 from one school plays a match against Pair 1 from an opposing school and so on. Whichever school wins 2 or 3 of those matches wins the dual.

The Cougars entered the double-elimination championship competition with a 14-4 league record and were seeded No. 2 in the tournament, receiving a bye from the first round of competition.

In the first matchup against Archie Williams High School, pairs Jasmine Standez and Conner Black, and Amelia Ortolan and Gabby Harrison won their duals in strong offensive performances, securing the first dual.

In the quarterfinals, the team took on an old foe, Redwood High School, which Half Moon Bay faced twice prior in the season, winning one and losing one. The Giants proved too much for the Cougars, and while Shea Wakasa and Maisie Eliashof won their match, Grace

Bigelow-Leth and Tani Vogel, and Meagan Mitchell and

Joey Vetrone fell, sending the Cougars to the Contenders bracket.

Facing elimination in the tournament, Natalie Inlis and Hannah Paik, Standez and Black, and Ortolan and Harrison all stepped up to secure all three wins and send the Cougars to the semifinals.

In the semifinals Half Moon Bay took on Archie Williams again. Bigelow-Leth and Vogel fought hard but failed to take down the top Archie Williams pair, but Wakasa and Eliashof secured an easy win in their match. It all came down to the No. 2 pair, Mitchell and Vetrone, but Archie Williams came out on top.

Half Moon Bay wrapped up the tournament as the fourth-place team in all of Northern California.

“Even though we did not repeat our Northern California championship this year, finishing in the top 4 of a much more competitive field feels really good,” said Inglis. “The girls worked hard all season and have set the stage for Half Moon Bay beach volleyball to continue to be a force in California high school beach volleyball.”

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