Here are your LL League boys volleyball 2022 all-stars [list] † Boys’ volleyball

The Lancaster-Lebanon League boys volleyball coaches have cast their votes, and they’ve released their list of all-stars and most valuable players for the 2022 season.

Here are their selections:


MVP: Caden Bonner, senior setter, Hempfield


Danny Peelen, junior opposite hitter, Cedar Crest

Camden Clapper, senior middle blocker, Conestoga Valley

Caden Bonner, Senior Setter, Hempfield

Mason Orth, senior libero, Hempfield

Dante Keener, senior opposite hitter, Hempfield

Derek Warfel, senior outside hitter, Penn Manor

Jacob Lobb, senior outside hitter, Warwick

Kyle Charles, sophomore outside hitter, Warwick

Seth Graybill, Junior Libero, Warwick

Landon Wenger, junior middle blocker, Warwick


Jack Wolgemuth, freshman setter, Cedar Crest

Judah Wise, senior outside hitter, Cedar Crest

Carson Hoover, junior outside hitter, Conestoga Valley

Kenji Pha, senior setter, Conestoga Valley

Kyle Hutchinson, senior libero, Conestoga Valley

Ethan Earhart, junior middle blocker, Hempfield

Cole Overbaugh, senior middle blocker, Hempfield

Arnav Dixit, senior setter, Manheim Township

Max Bushong, senior libero, Penn Manor

Adam Gingrich, senior setter/opposite hitter, Warwick

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MVP: Elijah Lazor, senior outside hitter/middle blocker, Lancaster Mennonite


Elijah Ugalde, senior outside hitter, Cocalico

Tanner Laukhuff, junior outside hitter, Garden Spot

Tyler Martin, senior setter/libero, Garden Spot

Jethro Martin, senior middle blocker, Garden Spot

Elijah Lazor, senior outside hitter/middle blocker, Lancaster Mennonite

Ethan Groff, Senior Setter, Lancaster Mennonite

Owen Walker, senior outside hitter, Lancaster Mennonite

Ryan Walker, senior middle blocker, Lancaster Mennonite

Barend Oostdam, senior middle blocker, Manheim Central

Josh Dippel, senior middle blocker, Manheim Central


Chase Stark, junior outside hitter, Cocalico

Gio Perez, junior setter/opposite hitter, Cocalico

Collin Weber, senior middle blocker, Ephrata

Bryan Murray, senior outside hitter/middle blocker, Elizabethtown

Derrick Lambert, senior opposite hitter, Garden Spot

Ezra Hubik, sophomore outside hitter, Garden Spot

Matt Sampsell, senior outside hitter, Lancaster Mennonite

Zach Nell, senior opposite hitter, Lancaster Mennonite

Jacob Moyer, sophomore outside hitter, Manheim Central

John Wenger, senior libero, Manheim Central

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