WBC Prez Slams WBA Prez For Not Honoring Sanctioning Body Agreement

World Boxing Council President Maurico Sulaiman has lashed out at the WBA and their president, Gilberto Mendoza.

Sulaiman explains that earlier this year, in Puerto Rico, all four of the major sanctioning organizations came together to discuss a working relationship when it came to unified world champions.

The WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO agreed to establish a schedule of mandatory defenses – to avoid a world champion being simultaneously hit with more than one mandatory obligation – which in turn would force the beltholder to vacate one or more titles.

Earlier this week, the WBA announced that their organization was stripping Josh Taylor of his junior welterweight title for his failure to move forward with a mandatory obligation against Alberto Puello.

Sulaiman explains that the WBA violated the sanctioning body agreement, because the WBC’s mandatory challenger, Jose Zepeda, was next in line to fight Taylor.

Additionally, he says the WBA also violated the agreement when they ordered Juan Francisco Estrada to fight Joshua Franco – when the WBC had already ordered a trilogy fight between Estrada and Roman Gonzalez.

“The World Boxing Council will remain strong in its campaign to try to achieve unification fights so that fans can enjoy the ones they deserve to see, battles between champions that grab their attention. Unfortunately, words have no value when an organization, or rather its leader, has no honor,” Sulaiman said.

“At the beginning of this year, the four Presidents of boxing’s governing bodies met in Puerto Rico, Francisco Valcarcel (WBO) hosted us in San Juan. Daryl Peoples (IBF), Gilberto Jesus Mendoza and Gary Shaw represented the WBA, and I represented We basically met with the best intentions of finding ways to improve conditions and implement some measures for the administration of the sport, with respect and reciprocity among our organizations.

“The priority was how to keep champions unified, and make sure mandatory challengers don’t break their undisputed status and lose belts on a desk. We also agreed to start a process so that the organizations seek to have common mandatory challengers, and thus prevent the unified world champion from having to do mandatory fights one after another, after another…

“Sitting around a table, we agreed to start the process, and right there we set the example with the super lightweight division, explaining and discussing the commitments already made by undisputed champion Josh Taylor. Right there we agreed that Taylor would do the WBO mandatory against Jack Catterall, and the winner would do the WBC mandatory match with José “Chon” Zepeda, and the winner would continue with the IBF mandatory.

“Taylor complied with the mandatory WBO fight and his following match is ours, the WBC mandatory. It turns out that the WBA breached the honor agreement that was held, and ordered Taylor against another fighter, resulting in a purse bid in which only one promoter participated with the ridiculous amount of 200 thousand dollars.

“Taylor, who already earns millions of dollars, would be forced to fight for about 120 thousand. This past Saturday, Josh abandoned the title of that organization, and thus the undisputed championship of the super lightweight division ended. A real shame for Taylor, for the fans and for boxing in general.

“The WBA did the same at super flyweight. They knew that the third fight between Juan Francisco ‘Gallo’ Estrada and Román ‘Chocolatito’ González had been ordered by the WBC and in the process of finalizing the negotiations, once again the WBA ordered Estrada to fight another man with a purse bid of…120 thousand dollars!

“In other words, Gallo and Chocolatito would have to get into the ring for a ridiculous amount of money for a world champion of his level. Those times of respect and reciprocity of the late Mr. Gilberto Mendoza (Sr.) no longer exist. How sad it makes me to be experiencing these complications and disrespect that only hurt our sport.”

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