PBR Pick ‘Em Morning Line – 2022 PBR World Finals Round 4

By: Slade Long

The 2022 PBR World Finals kicks back off after a three-day break with the rank pen. These are the best bulls here, and we will see some of them back in the short round this Sunday. We saw this group in Round 2 last Saturday, and the riders managed to get 10 of them ridden, with Mauricio Moreira winning the round with 94.25 points on Jive Turkey.

Jose Vitor Leme on 707 Vanilla Ice:

Ezekiel Mitchell rode this bull in Round 2 for 89 points. This will be the toughest matchup Leme has faced thus far. Vanilla Ice goes away from Leme’s hand and managed to throw him off earlier this season. However, Leme is well equipped to handle this kind of bull. Ice puts a lot of effort into the spin and really has a lot of head action. Riders watching his head or trying to anticipate his next move will be out of luck. He has to be ridden by feel, and Leme is a master of that. His form on bulls that go away from his hand is near perfect.

Cody Jesus at 476 Moonlight Party:

Like Leme, Jesus will face his toughest test so far in this bull. Moonlight Party can be rideable, but mostly he is wild and unpredictable. He’s a little bit like Woopaa, with a little more power and a little less acrobatics. He likes to go to the right, which will be away from Cody’s hand. He’s the second-highest-marked bull here so far, based on his Round 2 trip with Adriano Salgado.

Josh Frost on 500 I’m Legit Too:

No one has exuded more try at this event than Josh Frost. He’s worked hard and is 2-for-3 and fifth in the average right now. This may be the best matchup he’s drawn so far. Cody Jesus was 90.25 on this bull in Round 2, and Legit is excellent for any left-handed rider. This bull has a lot of go and keeps the pressure on riders by relentlessly getting it on to the left. He’s been ridden five times this season, all by lefties, and Jesus’s 90.25 is the lowest score of those.

Eli Tie Down on 6X4 Walking Tall:

Binder bucked off his last two bulls after riding well in Round 1, and he has a shot here because of this bull. This is an excellent bull to have on a big stage like this. If you gave every rider a choice between getting on this bull in every round of the Finals or taking their chances with the luck of the draw, smart riders would choose Walking Tall. This is a strong bull, and he’s not easy to ride, but he is as honest as they come and gives every rider a chance. He should be a good fit for Vastbinder.

Daylon Swearingen on 805 Train Station:

Swearingen really hit the jackpot in this round, not only because of this draw but also what the other riders drew. Train Station is 1-4 against left-handed riders, and Swearingen was 90.5 points on him at the beginning of the year. This is an easy bull for this round, especially for lefties. Swearingen’s main competition in the title race and the event aggregate all drew much tougher matchups tonight. This is an opportunity for Swearingen to seize the lead in both and make a statement.

Lucas Divino on 39E- Cherry Bomb:

Although he managed to throw Silvano Alves off in Round 2, Cherry Bomb is a pretty good draw for right-handed riders. Divino rode him last season as well. Divino is 1-for-3 here and let a nice draw beat him in Round 1, but he has a chance to get back on track here.

Ednei Caminhas on 124 Woopaa:

This could represent the maximum contrast in a bull and rider matchup in PBR Finals history. Woopaa is quite young, and Caminhas is old, but that’s not all. Caminhas is a strong, tenacious rider – like a pit bull. Even in his younger days, he could manhandle bulls and was known for willing himself back into position. Woopaa, on the other hand, is more like a meth-fueled gazelle. Wild and limber, he has a lot of impressive moves, but no one would accuse him of outpowering any rider. This will be interesting to watch. Woopaa has the edge here, but this is like a real-life version of the classic video game strength vs. dexterity debate.

Ezekiel Mitchell on 612 Ridin’ Solo:

Mitchell should watch the movie of Josh Frost on this bull. Solo is a challenging matchup for anyone, but Frost played it perfectly. Mitchell will need to do the same. This bull can be unpredictable, but he’s rank enough that you can’t really anticipate anything on him. You have to ride him jump for jump. Mitchell is capable of getting it done, but it will be a battle.

Bob Mitchell on 688 American Gangster:

This is a pretty nice draw in this pen of rank bulls, and Mitchell has ridden him before. Over the past year, American Gangster has given up seven rides in 10 outs, which indicates he may be getting easier to ride than he was earlier in his career. Mitchell is 0-for-3 here so far, but he has a chance here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 47F Charmer:

Charmer threw Vieira off in April, and he’s one of the tougher bulls in the round. He went to the right with Vieira in their first meeting, and which way he goes tonight will be a big factor. He’s equally adept in either direction and can go either way or both. There’s a lot to him aside from that as well. He can have some hesitation, change speeds, and really doesn’t have a nice steady rhythm. The best-case scenario for Vieira is that he goes to the left and doesn’t go into full-on nasty mode. If he plays along, Vieira could win the round on this bull.

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