Inside eerie movie theater and bowling alley abandoned after fire killed two people

An abandoned movie theater and bowling alley was ravaged by a fire in 2016, which tragically killed two people. It had been left to ruin until a curious explorer ventured inside

The building in Thailand’s capital Bangkok was left to fall into disrepair

There’s just something about abandoned buildings that give it an extra eerie feel which is definitely the case for a deserted movie theater and bowling alley.

The site in Thailand’s capital Bangkok was left to fall into disrepair, and disrepute, after a fire ravaged the building in 2016.

The blaze sadly killed two people and left three injured.

But, ever motivated by morbid fascination, pictures of inside the unoccupied building have since emerged.

Urban explorer Dax Ward was told about the supposedly haunted spot by a paranormal investigator.

Ever motivated by humanities penchant for morbid fascination, 40-year-old Dax, from Arkansas, USA, took a series of pictures from inside the building six years after the fateful event.

The bowling alley is now deserted


Dax Ward Photography / CATERS NEWS)

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He shared a series of unnerving images, detailing what remains of the once lively complex, now left to rot, ruin and ransacking.

Dax said: “I believe the complex opened in the 90s, and in addition to the multi-screen cinema and bowling alley, it also had restaurants, some stores and an immigration service office.

“I was surprised by how run-down the place had become in only six years of closure. A steady stream of thieves and vandals had a lot to do with that, as did the fire.”

The movie theater and bowling alley was left abandoned after a fire in 2016


Dax Ward Photography / CATERS NEWS)

He added: “Thieves had made off with absolutely everything of value, even the cushions off the cinema seats.

“The building was pitch black in most locations, but there was an area in the back which had purple stickers on the outer windows, which bathed the interior in an exquisite purple light.

The building was ravaged by a fire in 2016 which killed two people


Dax Ward Photography / CATERS NEWS)

“This changed the interior aesthetic and mood in one small area into something ethereal.

“Finding beauty amongst decay and squalor is always a goal for me when exploring.”

“I like to imagine what an abandoned location was like before it became abandoned.

“It wasn’t hard to imagine it being filled with the smell of popcorn and the knocking around of bowling pins.”

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