Rocket League Adds 2023 Nissan Z

The manual transmission 2023 Nissan Z is making its way into Rocket League. Nissan will also be sponsoring other eSports events for Rocket League, and its Nissan Z is expected to become available to dealerships in the summer.

Rocket League to Add 2023 Nissan Z with Twin Turbo and Rear-Wheel Drive

According to the story by Motor Trend, the 2023 Nissan Z hosts a twin-turbo and rear-wheel drive and is expected to launch this summer. There have been comparisons made to the Z model and its competitors like the Supra, for example.

Rocket League, the soccer-car competition game, will be adding the Nissan Z model to its roster. Players can get the Nissan Z Performance bundle for 1,100 and automatically get engine audio, performance wheels, a player banner, and more.

Players Will Also be Getting the Nissan x FaZe Clan Decal with the Bundle

To top everything off, players will also be getting a Nissan x FaZe Clan decal with the bundle. The decals can also be customized, with their colors being adjustable to match the player’s team hue.

Psyonix’s Rocket League takes an interesting approach to soccer, and instead of using people, the game circulates around cars, all trying to score a goal. As described by Motor Trend, the game is addictive and has tapped into eSports to expand its reach.

Rocket League Became a Free to Play Game in 2020

Players get to join tournaments, modify their cars, and play in different types of game settings and mechanics. Rocket League also allows players to customize rules in order to create their own unique gameplay.

Shortly after the game’s release, Rocket League was able to gain over five million downloads which gained it multiple awards. The game’s physical copies even started selling out in stores, and come 2020. It became free to play.

Rocket League Almost Hit 100 Million Players a Month

Once the game became free, a million competitor players were added during the same month. The game was initially created back in 2015, and by the end of 2021, had an average of 50,000 to 100,000 concurrent players, almost hitting 100 million players a month.

The game is considered one of the most popular automotive-game being played right now. Aside from Nissan adding its Z model to the game, the company is also expected to sponsor the Rocket League Champion Series North American Regionals.

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Nissan to Sponsor Other eSports Events With Rocket League

The eSports event will be called “Nissan Classic,” and in June, the company will also be sponsoring another event. Nissan will also be sponsoring the Collegiate Rocket League World Championship.

As per the Rocket League website, however, the Nissan Z Performance Bundle will become available from May 26 to June 7. The website describes the model as a sports car that holds a lot of culture and history.

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