Resurgence Brewing Company to open at Parkside Lodge… and then some!

The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (BOPC) recently hired Director of Business Development, Natalie Giaccio, thanks to a grant from The Wilson Foundation. This new position allows the Conservancy to tackle the important objective of introducing new vendor programming to the parks, while maintaining current initiatives, said Stephanie Crockatt, Executive Director of BOPC.

One of the newest and highly anticipated additions to the programming is the addition of Resurgence Brewing Company to The Parkside Lodge as an operator. The Conservancy already had a relationship with Resurgence, thanks to events Olmsted Ale and Pints ​​in the Park. Resurgence will offer beer and sandwiches, for example, to golfers, as well as to visitors at the Parkside Lodge (events, croquet, Movies in the Meadow, etc). Days, hours, and additional information will be released soon.

Aside from Resurgence’s newest role at BPOC, Rocco Termini and Jason Davidson have signed on for an additional five-year run at The Terrace. Plus, Angela Canna is back operating The Juicery at Ring Road. On the near horizon, BPOC will be issuing an RFP for the MLK Casino, as soon as the development project is complete.

Along with all of the relationships that are forming, and in place, there are additional vendor opportunities at hand, including at South Park, “where there is a humungous fireplace” and lots of character to work with. This is just one example of numerous indoor and outdoor settings that are available to creative operators who understand the special nature of the parks.

“We have some great places to work with,” said Crockatt, with Giaccio in full agreement. “There are opportunities to activate spaces. We’re working with a luxury picnic group called Posh Picnics, and we’re in the process of engaging with another one called Luxnic – both groups would operate at Delaware Park, in tandem with the rowboat and FLOmingo rides (for example), which are operated by the Buffalo Maritime Center. Natalie is promoting the vendor permits for green spaces – a permit is $500 for the season (think food, fitness, pop-ups… get creative, Buffalo!)”

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in the parks this year, with more on the way. Having someone like Giaccio at the business development helm will go a long way towards creating and strengthening relationships between the BOPC and the economic community at large.

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Coming coon: Resurgence Brewing Company at the Parkside Café – 84 Parkside Avenue in Delaware Park

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