Proud moment for ex-NSA as son to represent Pakistan internationally in chess

Former National Security Advisor (NSA), Dr. Moeed Yusuf is celebrating a personal achievement on Twitter as his son qualified for Pakistan’s under 14 chess team. Reminiscing, Dr. Moeed said his son’s achievement reminded him of his younger days when he represented Pakistan as a golfer.

dr. Moeed Yusuf has accomplished many things in his young career. Before serving as Pakistan’s 9th NSA, he was the Associate Vice President for Asia at the Institute of Peace in Washington, DC He is the editor of four books and has also written a book on the US role in India-Pakistan nuclear crises. He is a key player in policy thinking and development in both Washington and Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Interestingly, when he was young, he went to a liberal arts college on a golf scholarship. However, dr. Moeed Yusuf gave up golf for his professional career but vows to encourage and support his son to continue with chess.

A proud moment

“Until now, one of the proudest moments of my life was the first time I wore Pakistan’s official colors to represent the country internationally as a golfer. This was 25 years ago. Alhamdulillah, my son has made me even prouder this week by qualifying to be part of Pakistan’s under-14 chess team that just competed in the West Asian Junior Championship. Seeing him in the green blazer is a dream come true for me,” Dr. Moeed tweeted while sharing a picture of him and his son side by side.

Important to note that the West Asian Junior Chess Championship is the biggest international championship to be hosted by the Maldives, to date. It was recently held in the Maldives where nine countries participated. Teams from the Maldives, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka competed.

“I gave up golf when I entered professional life. Am determined to encourage my son to stay the course. Request prayers and best wishes for his and his teammates’ future success and happiness,” the former NSA wrote.

There is no denying that Pakistan is filled with talent. It is important to recognize talented individuals and provide them with facilities so that they can excel and make Pakistan proud.

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