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SpaceRyde has officially opened Canada’s first, orbital-class rocket factory — this 25,000ft² facility is home to the company’s headquarters, research and development and rocket manufacturing.

Left: Company COO Saharnaz Safari. Right: Company CEO Sohrab Haghighat

Today, Canada doesn’t have access to space despite steady investment in research and development by domestic aerospace manufacturing companies. Significant developments and contributions to space projects, such as canadarm on the International Space Stationare launched to space on foreign rockets

from the ConcordOntariofacility, SpaceRyde manufactures their 3-stage rocket named Rydermultipurpose kick stages called Black Bayproprietary gimbaling hybrid engines named Grolar and their rocket carrier named flying spider† These components will be used to build their network of smart rockets in space and pioneer Canada’s space launch industry.

Chris Hadfield

World famous astronaut Chris Hadfield spoke at the company’s grand opening ceremony. †To regularly and safely launch from Canada to space has been a dream for many decadessaid Hadfield,Space Ryde is making that dream a reality

Without domestic launch capabilities, Canada will be at the mercy of foreign trade relationships to access and monetize the final frontier,” said Sohrab HaghighatCEO of SpaceRyde. The space economy expects to reach $1 trillion in annual sales by 2040

Astronaut Chris Hadfield and the SpaceRyde team.

SpaceRyde is a space transportation company, providing on-demand delivery to space, from space and within space. Utilizing its network of smart rockets, SpaceRyde forms a logistic infrastructure to accelerate space development and unleash the full potential of the space economy. SpaceRyde’s eet of rockets will perform continuous and innumerable cargo delivery missions from the Earth to the Moon and anywhere in between, offering a private Uber-like service for cargo in space. In creating such unprecedented access to space, SpaceRyde helps accelerate space innovation, expand access to deep space, facilitate space tourism and unlock trillions of dollars of value for the New Space Economy. Additionally, SpaceRyde’s smart rockets are equipped with an enhanced kick stage, which will complete in-space missions such as refueling, lunar communications and decommissioning space junk. At the core of SpaceRyde’s business is the belief that the development of the new space economy shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet. We’ve developed the world’s only sustainable launch system that eliminates harmful combustion from 99% of Earth’s atmosphere. Headquartered in Canada, SpaceRyde’s facilities are the country’s first and only rocket factory and rocket testing facility.

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